last day in london: big ben, medium river thames, and a little drama

after covant garden and the protest, we got back on the tube and went over to the embankment. we got to walk all along the river thames (which is dirty but beautiful) and it really was a sight. here is the bridge we walked on.
and here we are on it!
see? dirty. eww.
handsome andrew on the bridge.
then we went this way ->
and found a fun little area full of shops, food, and a carousel!
this lovely man was singing and he had a really beautiful voice. he also happened to be singing some wonderful songs. these two girls decided to dance around him during a more lively tune, and we all pitched in some £ to thank him for the nice songs.
then andrew and i got a cider. this was a new kind made of english apples and it tasted much different than the others i had tried. but i still liked it.
a nice girl offered to take our picture in front of the view.
here is another statue-that-is-really-a-human.
then we walked on and passed two little children feeding pigeons. it was beautiful and the sun was falling down the sky.
and just after this photo, the little girl decided she was tired of their pigeon/human relationship, began to scream and chased the birds away. they were obviously frustrated with her for being so fickle.
then we crossed back over another bridge and arrived at big ben. it is one of andrew's favorite things to see, and i don't think that needs any explanation. it is stunning!
see? look!! (he says)
and as we arrived, we noticed that all the streets were blocked off. there were police in neon vests lining up all around. they were getting ready for the protest... waiting for it to get ugly.
and all kinds of news crews were there.
andrew says, "whats the deal?"
but the protests didn't stop the sun from setting and painting a beautiful picture in the clouds. the reflection on the old buildings made for something even more special.
then we continued on our walk.
but stopped for a while to hold hands by the river thames.
then at last the sky lit up with color- blues, purples, and pinks- it was a lovely sunset after a lovely day.
only one more bit of the blog to go! but jet lag is starting to get me... i may have to tackle the last story tomorrow.

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