hello london!

london is big.

scratch that.

london is huge!

and maps are very important.
on our first day, we were hungry. so we wandered around looking for lunch and we decided on a small french restaurant that looked promising.
the stella was great.
the food was ok...

but we didn't let it spoil our day!
after our very french lunch, we took a walk down a street.
which may or may not have been the right street.
then we turned around and walked back up the same street.
then we wandered.
then we found an area that we knew of.
then we found a map. and that helped a great deal. caution to all london visitors: it can be confusing.
then andrew found a music shop. he looked (and drooled) over some beautiful old guitars.
then we found hamleys! (for those of you that aren't adult shaped children, hamleys is a giant toy store- like six floors- and it is the most joyful place in all of england!)
andrew found a little stuffed puppy that made us miss toby even more than before!
then i found a giant giraffe named keane. if i had had 1500 pounds on me, i would have taken him home with me. and possibly his giant panda friend back there too...
**ha! thanks to melissa's comment, i have- again- been reminded that camels have humps and giraffes do not. thanks love!
and then... we found... the ultimate in wonderfulness...

toby clothes!! (aka, build-a-bear clothes) i may or may not have bought a few items...
oh but the giant paddingtons were the most adorable of all. i wanted them so badly. if and when i have a child, i am requesting that someone purchase one of those for it. it would be too weird for me to just have a gigantic paddington, but don't they look like they need a home??
then a man with a stuffed squeaky bird puppet walked up behind me and went "squaaak!" and i jumped. then i laughed and andrew happened to capture the moment.
the teady bear shop was that way ->
then we left, just as it was getting dark, and got to walk down the streets all covered in lights! and look at that adorable little taxi!
it was so pretty as the sun went down!
then we ventured home. pauline and doug had already eaten, but they left out stuff for us to fix. we prepared a late dinner: lamb, mash, sprouts, etc. yum.
double yum.
here we are, enjoying our supper, and double enjoying the warm house.
did i mention before that we bought a jar of marks and spencer jalapenos? we finished them off today. and, to be fair, andrew did most of the damage.


the next morning we woke up (actually only andrew woke up... i woke up the next afternoon) and we went out on the town.
we left the house and headed out in the direction that we thought was the news stand where we would purchase travel passes (just as we had done the previous day).
but sadly, as we left our street, we very quickly lost our way. london is very much not a grid and it is easy to get confused. we did, and, thanks to my very very late wake up, did not actually make it very far into town.
instead we wandered around enfield and found our way into a pub for an evening snack (or in my case, breakfast). and i can never say no to chips, so chips it was for my evening breakfast.
and andrew really likes malt vinegar.
he is half british after all.
then we went into a sweet shoppe. oh my goodness. it was (once again) adorable.
they had everything you could imagine!
and i got fudge. i'm bringing some home to you, nanny!
so hurray for sweets! hurray for chips! hurray for paddington bears and giant camels! hurray for london! and hurray for our final day being a very very full one! we plan on waking up early and squeezing in lots of adventure! check back tomorrow for my final england post!

toby- i'll be home before you know it!!

yes, this blog title is a reference to the muppet christmas carol (which i intend to watch between 6 and 11 times once i get home).


  1. something thing keeps pulling me to london....this isn't helping.
    super jealous!!!

    oh btw your giant giraffe is a camel...with two humps.

  2. I was about to comment that your giant giraffe is a giant camel (knowing that since I recently rode one after all), but Lucas took care of this for me.

    I think he should be a camel named Giraffe, however.

    All my love! E-mailing you tonighttt