grandma gill and her cozy portsmouth home

finally we arrived at grandma gill's home. it is more lovely and adorable than i imagined and she couldn't have been more welcoming. i went around and took some pictures of the house.
grandma's chair in her cozy living room.
entry hall/front door.
andrew looks like a giant in his grandmothers house.
i love this photo:
she fixed us fish and chips for dinner, just in case you felt like stereotyping- this is your chance.
then we watched some great soaps and drank a cup of tea. andrew was still looking like a giant.
then it was off to bed. and while we slept, the snow began to fall.
the strange hours i've been keeping caused me to wake up throughout the night. this was about 4:00 am- i was so excited to see all the snow! this is before i knew how un-excited all the locals would be though.
once it was daytime again we could really see the snow. and it didn't stop falling!
andrew and i have since been exploring portsmouth and hitting some roadblocks due to weather. trust me, i have more to tell, but i'm sitting in the cyber cafe trying to squeeze in some posts and my fingers are almost too cold and stiff to type. i'll have to update you again once i'm back in london! missing everyone so much- and i can't wait for christmas with friends and family!

ps- melissa, did you get my voicemail? i want to have our (semi) annual xmas party again. can we think on that?

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  1. Hi my love! Yes, I got your (cute & adorable) message! I was at the ranch with spotty service (that sounds English, right?!), and I thought I may have already missed you to your flight to England! When are you coming back to the States? I'm definitely down for the annual Christmas party! Tell me when you get back, and I will call you to discuss.

    Love you and miss you already, even if you haven't moved yet. xx