flaming ferrari/tribute to chris gill

oh my gosh- how could i forget this part?!?!?

after our really really long day of walking, we ended up back at the little bar that had wifi. i used it to blog for you, my lovelies! anywho, after a couple pints of strongbow, andrew and i had made great friends with the bartenders. they were so very friendly and we had been talking for a while. we asked one in particular if he recommended a special drink for the two of us. he said, "well of course i recommend the flaming absinthe." we were curious and said, "give us two." he poured it in glasses then lit a piece of brown sugar on top. if nothing else, it was pretty.
here he is getting mine ready while andrew's was burning.
burning beverage!!!
you drop the burning sugar in the drink and then swirl it till it cools enough to drink... then you just dive in. this is me before, feeling nervous. but it was actually really really delicious.
then he said, "actually, thats nothing compared to the flaming ferrari, but its rather pricy." i say, "how pricy?" he says, "rather." i say, "merry christmas, andrew- your getting a flaming ferrari!" bartender pours... i would be lying if i said i knew what all was in it.
ahh the masterpiece. ... in pieces
andrew, ready for his flaming ferrari
just as he lit the thing on fire, our adorable bartender said to andrew, "mind you, if you don't drink fast, your straw will melt..." (picture that being said with a fantastic accent).
and he did it!! andrew claimed it was "the best tasting shot ever."
he enjoyed it so much, he went for a skate on the frozen wooden dock outside.
i can't believe i almost left that out....

miss you tons, chris!!

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