final farewell austin

last wednesday, we got to drive to austin and say a final farewell to our lovely city. we drove straight to jon and haley's house (which i love like my own). i was so happy to be back there, i took photos of random walls.
and we got to see the puppies!
front door :)
ozzy!! he got a bath and was feeling so clean.
we sat with jon and chatted for a while.
then the boys heard a tune in the streets!
jon says, "is that an ice cream man??" andrew says, "i think so!"
they both run out to the street.
andrew says, "jon! even better- it's the roasted corn man!!"
i didn't know the roasted corn man existed.
they were obviously both thrilled.
yum. corn.
then we sat on the porch and soaked up the austin "winter." (78 degrees)
then haley came home from work and we went out for margaritas at trudy's!
then we got to go over to johnny and dillon's new place. it is hella cool.
i fixed us up some fajitas and i must say- they was good.
we might have had a grease dance party/ sing along... okay, maybe it was just me and dillon...
johnny and leila were as cute as ever!
jon modeled his new british panties (courtesy of andrew and lindsey).
munkee played soccer.
andrew and craig played darts. this was strictly a photo pose.
then there was a brief jam in the living room.
i didn't take nearly enough pictures- i was honestly just too happy to be with my favorite friends again, and i got distracted.
the next morning i fixed some breakfast (yum- eggs and ham) and andrew showed jon how to rock the colonial. he is such the candlestick maker.
and finally we took a drive by my house...
and it is blue!
we got to walk through the inside and see all the new paint colors.
truth be told- i cried.
i already miss him so much...
friends, we could not have had a more fun less-than-24-hour-trip. you are always so fun and we will miss you every day we are gone from austin.

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  1. i love the blue! i love the last hang out. love it all.