christmas with my family

merry christmas, friends!!
i hope your holidays are going and wonderfully as mine!
our christmas eve began with toby donning his gay apparel (build a bear- obv.) and a few photos.
sister besties:
my siblings- so nice to have both of them at the same time!
then we ate dinner (in excess) and got into our comfy clothes (matching pj's for heather and i).
alex showed bailey some love.
and heather fulfilled our christmas eve tree topping tradition.
we used to balance on dad's shoulders. in recent years we had to enlist the ladder.
and i was excited. christmas is my fav.
and yes, we matched with our dogs.
then, per tradition, we exchanged sibling gifts. the tradition began when we were very young and couldn't wait to open our presents- so mom allowed us to exchange gifts with each other on christmas eve. heather gave alex clothes. and he looked so fly.
then alex gave heather an invitation to come to chicago for a concert. they are both fun and cool and go to stuff like lollapalooza. the scarf is for the cold. the shades are for the cool.
heather gave me this beautiful gold ring to remind me of her (because she is beautiful).
and i gave alex some sweet shades.
i also gave heather shades too.
after a very looooong sleep (we actually slept through christmas morning) we came downstairs for christmas and santa brought us new phones!! check out my old/broken one...
grandaddy gave alex his college ring from 1950. what an awesome gift, right??
then heather got a fisheye lens!! we wasted no time...
then i gave mom her early birthday present. it was special to me and i couldn't stand the thought of mailing it to her- so i gave it early.
it is a children's book, written and illustrated by me, about the two ducks she had as a little girl named quick and quack.
she really really loved it and i think my favorite present of all was seeing how happy it made her.
then the dogs fell victim of the fisheye:
then mom gave me a really fantastic gift- a bicycle basket for toby to ride in!! we gave it a test run.
he did not necessarily appreciate being jailed, but he also didn't seem to hate it. i can't wait to try it out in hawaii!
then toby and i got dressed up again and went over to andrew's house to exchange gifts over there. andrew gave me the beautiful blue necklace in the photo and some amazing gold bangles. i love them!!
"Christmas Day is in our grasp so long as we have hands to clasp. Christmas Day will always be just as long as we have we. Welcome Christmas while we stand, heart to heart and hand in hand."
Love to all!

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