bangers, snow, and soaps

so. we left the freezing cyber cafe and found a place to eat. it had internet! hurray!
if this is your first england blog, please scroll down if you wish to read them in order. there are two before this one.

"goodmorning! who'd like a banger in the mouth??"
(anyone watch arrested development?.... mrs. featherbottom?....)
"oh, thats right- in the states, you call it a sausage in the mouth!"
"we just call it sausage..."
then it was off for a morning shop. in the snow!
kirby road! just like kirby lane! oh how we miss austin already.
ps, everything in england is adorable.
"look at me mum! i've made a snowball!" (i heard a child say, but then heard again in my mind when i saw this photo of andrew) ps- andrew and i agreed that if we have a child, we must raise it for a few years in england just so it will have that adorable accent. everything they say is just slightly cuter than if an american kid said it.
everything was dusted in white and i was loving it!
all the cars had multiple inches of snow sitting on top. this is grandma's street.
andrew and i went for groceries thursday morning. we bought all of andrew's favorites (walker crisps, carlsberg, etc.) and some sandwiches for lunch (soup for lindsey).
we went to the pub later that evening and had a strongbow. we waited with some locals to find out the result of the world cup bid. not good for england or usa, but quite good for russia and quatar. lots of angry people in the pub. but we still made some friends.
then we came home and helped grandma finish preparing dinner. she fixed a chicken and we finished the vegetables. this is andrew juggling some brussel-sprouts.
then we watched the "tele" and caught up on our soaps.
hello tea.
we've gotten really into coronation street. we will have to buy the dvd set back home. look at the intensity on my face! this girl is having a baby by her ex but she is dating his best friend!! ahhhh!
still missing you guys- more to come soon!

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