back on the slopes

we are back in utah for the 25th consecutive year. that means, the first time i came, i was in the womb! so happy 25 decembers in utah for us! on our first day here, this year, the weather was amazing. the snow was the best i have ever skied, and the temperature was in the perfect mid 20's. look at this beauty!!
here we are on the lift on our way to the top!
this is me and my bro- all bundled up.
alex took a jump and heather captured it.
then patrick took the same jump.
then heather looked adorable (nothing new there).
alex on top of the earth!
me and shannie blending in with the snow.
this is the phone pic we took to tell andrew we are missing him (he could make it this year- and it hasn't been the same without him).
that night we got dinner at the flying sumo! sumo is a sushi place in park city that we fancy.
sushi time!
many laughs.
alex matched his sushi.
and i drank my saki.
and heather made words with her soy sauce.
and that was only the first day! we have been having so much fun. can't wait to show you more!
hope everyone has big new years plans- i know we do!!


booth booth christmas

christmas eve eve, my dear friend melissa and i hosted a party at my parents house. we were lucky enough to get a photo booth and it made the party so fun! i thought you guys might want to see some of my favorites of the night. i made them black and white because they look more photo booth appropriate. enjoy!
alex was santa:
zach and travis are brothers.
chris and dave are sweater friends.
zach loves a good nose pick:
double punch and a shiny new engagement ring!
all my friends came!
no evil and an aloha:
a close up and a good point:
pretty ladies and scary boys:
violence and seduction:
i dressed as santa too. johnny didn't appreciate my telling him he was on the naughty list.
my mom and i were santa and elf.
i hadn't seen these old friends in so long- it was so fun!
this trio is a fun one.
alex and zach made it a white russian christmas.
solo close ups were popular.
we are hiding our identity and jess is testing the photo booth boundaries:
lots of people in the booth!
smiles all around! thanks to everyone that came and made the party so fun!