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so as most of you know, i have an insanely adorable cousin named kristen and she and her best friend have a blog about their lives and their crafty creations. one of kristen's newest creations is her circle scarves. she rocked her first one to acl this year:

we kind of made fun of her because it was like 100 degrees and we stood in the sun all day, but once we looked at the pictures everyone was instantly jealous of the cuteness.

so i mentioned to kristen that i wanted a scarf so i could wear it to england this december and she did not disappoint! i told her i wanted two different shades of blue, so she did a light blue and a navy and then added a little square of yellow! i love it love it love it and the only thing i love more than my circle scarf is kristen!
heather did a photo shoot of me and the scarf so i could share it with all of you.
unfortunately texas has absolutely insane weather and it is still mega hot here. that is why i am wearing a tank top in the photo...
are you j of my c scarf?
go buy one! you can find them at her lullaby lubbock etsy shop!!

kristen, i love you and your family so much. you have a beautiful style and creativity and i cannot thank you enough for sharing your circular talents with me!

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  1. youre so beautiful and you make my scarf beautiful. i really had a dream of you moving last night and i cried in my dream and woke up so sad! i am so so happy for you and just thankful for you in my life. love you so much and so excited for europe, hawaii and every other place that you bless with your life. love you so so much.