welcome home, via brussels

we had a pretty long road home. from kigali, we made a stop in entebbe (adding a couple extra hours) and then went on to brussels. the layover in brussels was like seven hours, so we took advantage. we bought train tickets into town and zipped over at about 6:30 am. we were way tired, but what awaited us made it worth the trouble.
and the train ride was fun.
ahh brussels! it was so early, the sun was not up and the garbage was being collected. we really wanted breakfast, but we had to wander a bit to find something that was open and accepted credit cards.
the sun slowly crept up and it got more and more beautiful by the second!
i was wearing my "comfortable + travel" clothes. this means i was wearing jeans, a long sleeve t-shirt, and flip flops. people passing us on their way to real life activities were bundled in big coats, boots, hats, scarves, etc. it was 40 degrees f (4 degrees c.). i was cold.

at last we found a breakfast spot. everyone had coffee, tea, waffles, and omelets! a lady came in and sat next to the table next to us. she had a little dog on a leash that had a big head and a small body and was really cute. he sat quietly under the table and ate cookies. suddenly we realized she had another animal in her small black duffle bag. it was possibly a cat, but made a noise like a pigeon (roll the tongue... that's the noise). the boys concluded it must be a badger? this is heather's impression
post the badger discussion and a waffle breakfast, we found a chocolate shop. it. was. heaven.
we made it back to the airport just in time. after security and a fancy brussels stamp in our passports, we hopped back on the plane to head for dc! i parted with heather, jon, and linda once we got to dc, and had to wait a few hours for the plane to austin. i literally blinked and the three hour flight was over (i was a little sleepy). sweet andrew and little toby picked me up at the airport, and i was asleep within seconds of my head hitting the pillow.

so glad to be back home with my boys and my friends.
can't wait to tell you what wonderful excitement took place tonight!!

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  1. did you get your scarf?? i sent it to your rents. and yes, mocha splash is just to match my beautiful cousins.