a surprise goodbye luau in austin

saturday night i was really feeling jet lag. i passed out at about 4:00 pm and was drooling on myself in no time. andrew tried to wake me up around 7:00 and i resisted. he said "i told johnny that we would come over at 8:00 so we should head over there." i said "my body thinks it's 2:00 am so i'm going to keep sleeping." he kept insisting that i wake up and eventually i agreed. i deliriously rode over to johnny and dillon's house and loopily walked up to the door. as soon as andrew opened the door- everyone burst out of hiding and screamed surprise!!!

it was a surprise luau going away party for andrew and i!!!
and all our friends were there to celebrate!
jon and haley and johnny and dillon planned and hosted. haley told me she felt challenged by planning a party for a party planner. i was glad to know i was referred to as a good party planner! i was even happier to know how loved we are. the boys fixed us some amazing hawaiian food complete with pineapple.
sean sampled a four loco.
and i sampled food.
dave and chris came! chris was looking very handsome in his mustache. and they were both looking handsome in their freshly purchased goodwill sweaters.
hey dave!
my adorable hostess!
johnny's amazing mother supplied us with decor! the pineapple was right in the the middle of the room and it looked amazing!
james and grant came by and were looking great as usual!
hey dillon, how is your dinner?
me and andrew- so so so happy we have friends that love us as much as we love them.
hey ben! so glad you came!
whats that dave? you got your sweater at goodwill? yeah- legit paint.
there was a fire.
jon did american gothic solo style.
so glad yall came by!
oh hey munkee. do you want the ball??
got it.
solo k2.
solo chris.
johnny and his little leila- both wearing leis!!
mr dilophosaurus got a lei too.
me and the kevins (k1 and k2)
chris, don't let people hate on your sweater.
hey lindsey, how do you like four loco? that is how i like it.
obviously dillon has a different opinion.
hey andrew! glad to see your still awake!
johnny, shall we initiate a dance party?
why do i have this ridiculous mustache?!
johnny had two hawaiian shirts. this is his.
and i'm wearing the second. since it was a surprise, i did not arrive in hawaiian shirt.
craig jumped into dance party, but from a safe distance.
and the boys hands went up and then they stayed there.
more lone star!
dance party go.
kitchen dance party.
who is that guy with dave!?!
its andrew.
giant rum bottle pass.
me and my andrew getting our dance on.
such fun!
but it didn't last.... johnny didn't let andrew's sleep stop him from posing for a photo.
then he added a thought bubble so we could all see what andrew was dreaming of.
i danced my hawaiian shirt off then paused for a sleeping andrew photo.
wake up andrew!!
we at least moved him to a different chair, but he was quickly back in a dream.
to all my austin loves:
you are the greatest friends i could ever ask for. i love each of you from the bottom of my heart and i can't wait for yall to visit us in hawaii! a million hugs and kisses.
xoxo (times one million)

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