planes trains and garlic fries

heather and i just finished a 24 hour sister travel!
i flew to dallas and found her at dfw. then we flew to dc together.
i had only slept a couple hours the night before so we were already sleepy by the time we got to dc. while wandering the airport heather spotted a place with amazing looking garlic fries and crab cakes.
they were really delicious.
i tried to hydrate and caffeinate at the same time.
heather took it a step further.
we bought skittles for the flight.
we also bought toy story 3 and a coloring book.
we wore our cool airplane socks.
seats together!
seven hours later we were in brussels. the airport was a bit of a maze but we finally found some couches. heather took a small nap.
the airport is pretty cool.
then we had another long flight to kigali, rwanda! we slept a bit more and ate some really amazing belgian chocolates that they gave us. brussels airlines is pretty great.
jon and linda picked us up at the airport and drove us back to the hotel we will be staying at. the hotel is stunning! we immediately ordered room service and heather immediately wore a lid on her head.
we got fruit and strawberry ice cream. it was perfect.
the shower was super necessary.
now we are going to try to fall asleep even though our body clocks are set to 4:00 pm.
goodnight heather!
in the morning we will go to watch the bicycle race. it is the olympic qualifier and there are only two spots left open. everyone cross your fingers for rwanda! oh and i will explain why on earth i'm doing this tomorrow. for now i'm needing sleep. night night!

miss you toby!!

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  1. i just cant wait to hear everything!! go rwanda!!!! yall are gorgeous and i love you and miss you. and am scarfing for you as we speak.