moving sale/ saying goodbye to my furniture

my mom drove all the way to austin on thursday so she could help andrew and i set up for a moving sale. our goal was to make enough money to cover the move and i think we actually may have accomplished that!
if my mom hadn't been there it totally wouldn't have happened. she is the best.
i attempted to make some signs to put up in the neighborhood. i have a problem underestimating my letter size. poster making is not my future.
andrew slaved on his still-injured foot- moving furniture all day and making everything look great.
we put all the small stuff and clothes on the back porch.
the next morning, we woke up at 6:00 to finish getting ready before people came at 8:00.
the heater wasn't working in the house, so when we woke up it was 54 degrees. outside wasn't at all warmer. toby wore two sweaters and andrew even let him borrow his jacket.
later the sun came out and things warmed up. we realized the sun was making one of our signs hard to see. i found an inflatable pink dolphin (yes, in my house) so we blew him up and tied him to the post. andrew biked him over and taped him up.
goodbye dolphin!
you served us well.
we moved all the big furniture out to the front yard. luckily craig was around to help andrew get the couch and chair downstairs! it was a challenge.
i have been really not wanting to get rid of this couch. for some reason i really love it. i sat on it in the yard all day. so did andrew.
and so did toby.
and lots of friends came by to buy stuff and just hang out. dillon and munkee hung out for a while. marie and lyla came and saw us too. marie bought my favorite pillows; it made me so happy to see them go to such a pretty home. jess and her roomies came and found some house things. and meegan and brittany got some of my favorite things. it's so much better that way! maggie and mance and their friends came. so nice to see their faces! and chandler and david came and stayed a while- they even brought a friend that decided to buy the giant bean bag!! chandler and i had a few hugs and sighs over our old house being emptied.
james, grant and their friend (who is now my friend) came at the end of the day. they helped me clean up the last few things off the lawn. they also convinced us to go out for dinner and margherita. i don't think i have ever tasted such a delicious marg. it was a long day!
when we got home, i was really really tired. i walked into my bedroom to find toby standing at the top of his puppy stairs (to get to the bed) but they were just in the middle of a bed-less room. it was the cutest/saddest thing i have ever seen and i cried for about an hour.

the good news is- we are getting so much done and may actually be on schedule. the best news is- i think we made enough to pay for our plane tickets. hurray! thanks to everyone that came by to buy things and to just hang out and support. love yall.

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