lindsey heather and toby have a sunset photoshoot

so today heather and i decided to take a sunset golf cart ride.
we let toby chase us for a little while. he got tired.
heather rescued tobes from exhaustion.
heath tried to give toby some love... but he rejected.
aw heather is so pretty!
there is the toby love she was hoping for!
it was way windy!
tobes enjoyed the photo shoot.
and the wind.
this is me getting the camera set up for the timer shots.
this is the first timer shot and the surprise "heather jump on lindsey" shot.
group shot!
me and my little puppy!
then toby spotted some deer! he didn't hesitate... the chase was on.
heather just continued being adorable.
jumping photos go!
i told her she looked like matisyahu in this one.
i am a bad jumper. this is the highest i have ever gotten.
hey heath.
hey lins.
lindsey and toby!
the sun was almost gone at this point.
look at the pretty blue sky peaking through the clouds! it was warm today, but tomorrow it shall be cold....
more timer photos! hugs and group shot.
in closing, i took toby on a shoulder ride and he loved it.
hope everyone is having a lovely and relaxing thanksgiving holiday also!
i prepared my lemon cheesecake tonight, hope it turns out well. i'll let you know tomorrow!



  1. most beautiful girls i have EVER Seen!!! you guys kill me!! i can not get over how gorgeous these pictures are!!!