lindsey and heather explore rwanda and meet zulu

on monday we got to go on another adventure! first we drove out to the home of one of the bikers from team rwanda. his name is rafiki and he lives in a lovely home up in the hills. we got there and had to wait outside while the film crew did an mtv cribs style interview. john found a small patch of shade.
linda and heather exchanged a glance.
some kiddos came to chat while we waited.
the view up there was really stunning.
the front door let in a really soft light and it was so welcoming.
john enjoyed the lighting so much he made heather and i pose for some photos. we reciprocated by forcing him to pose for us. handsome and humorous!
here is a photo in his house of the team.
*photo credit: heather ann halbert
and this is rafiki. what a charming host he was.
*photo credit: heather ann halbert
we got back on the road and paul pulled over to show us a really amazing view. some kiddos came to say hey and returned our peace signs.
and because it is my specialty, i joined in.
*photo credit: heather ann halbert
we had a two hour drive up to our new lodge.
it was sunny and beautiful for most of the drive.
we stopped for samosas and fanta. this is a heather halbert favorite.
tc couldn't believe how much he enjoyed "those beef triangles!"
i couldn't believe how much i wanted to eat one.
*photo credit: heather ann halbert
the roads were long and twisty and the higher up we got, the cooler the breeze felt.
then the clouds rolled in and we got some rain just at we got up to Jock's house.
and thats where we met zulu!!
*photo credit: heather ann halbert
he is a kisser.
*photo credit: heather ann halbert
zulu is a south african boerboel, which is a large breed of mastiff. he is only a year old and he is already 120 pounds! and he loves ladies.
and what lady could resist those eyes??
we all fell in love.
jock also has the most gigantic avacado tree i have ever seen! their whole back yard is a forest of beautiful things and delicious things.
so picturesque!
project rwanda bike.
heather snapped some mossy photos.
and i was very impressed by the bike garage!
just a light rain chilled for a while.
*photo credit: heather ann halbert
we had some really delicious coffee (for which rwanda is famed).
all the excitement tired zulu out.
but he jumped up to love on his daddy!
after the stop we continued up the road. once we got to our lodge we saw how truly amazing the view is!
and there were flowers everywhere!
*photo credit: heather ann halbert
me and heather's hut was so adorable. little beds with big mosquito nets, and an absolutely stunning view.
which we took advantage of right away!
and heather tried on the snazzy robe.
time to light some candles.. where are the matches? oh there they are. wait, why are the sticks made of wax? how do you light these?!?
then we got to go up to the top of a hill where some local students preformed their cultural dance. it was really exciting.
great hair.
there is the fam! enjoying the dance.
and there is sexy heather.
the ladies dance was beautiful too.
as the evening came and the clouds rolled in, the sky got more and more beautiful.
back at the lodge our friends joined us for drinks around the fire and an amazing dinner.
just before bed, this moth bid heather and i goodnight.
but not before i tried my hand at the matches again...
each day seems to be getting more and more amazing, so i hope you come back for more blogging from rwanda!


  1. I love reading about Halberts in Rwanda! I can't help picturing Rafiki from The Lion King, though. Hopefully the human Rafiki is equally wise. Love you!

  2. I love your blog! I seriously laugh out loud while reading it.

  3. look at the kid in the backgorund looking at heather and linda exchanging galnces.... he's all "hmmmmm, interesting dyanmic going on with these two whiteys"