last day in rwanda

sorry for the delay in blogging! i'm actually back in america now, but i had a lack of internet for a while and it took two days to get home, so i'm just now getting back to the blog.
on wednesday we got to go to a second race. it wasn't as big of a deal as the first race we went to, but it was still really exciting. here come the cyclists now!
and we got to chase them in the car.
as we entered a crowded part of town, people started to gather and get excited.
especially the crew.
we stopped for a bit and some kiddos wanted pictures in the car window.
photo credit: heather ann halbert
heather is so pretty.
they filmed a bit at this church.
and there were a few spectators.
photo credit: heather ann halbert
back at the race sight, jon chatted with a small brazilian soccer fan.
and this guy loved obama. we asked him about it and he got excited.
photo credit: heather ann halbert
spectators brought their bikes.
afterwards, we went to the cemetery where one of the original riders is buried. he was a really amazing person and was tragically hit by a car. he was loved and respected by his community and it was a special moment for us to see where rests.
some kiddos and a pup stopped by too.
it was a beautiful day and a lovely drive.
we had lunch in a beautiful restaurant that had a great view.
heather and i got milkshakes!
john ate a lot of ice cream.
it was a great day! the trip home was long but fun- so stay tuned!

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  1. yall are so beautiful. cant stand it. love this trip and getting to see every detail.