joanna newsom at the paramount

thursday night, andrew and i were finally able to relax and reward ourselves for all the insane work we have been doing in preparation for moving.

back in the spring, you may recall, we took a trip around the world. we were scheduled to fly from new delhi to istanbul, then to paris, then to london. it turned out that one of andrew and my favorite and most respected musicians was going to be playing in london on our last night there! we were ecstatic and bought tickets for way too many euros. sadly, while we were in delhi, the icelandic volcano (that no non-icelandic human can pronounce) erupted and swept ash throughout europe. we couldn't get in and we were afraid waiting would keep us from getting out. so we flew back home.

the trip was one that i will absolutely never forget and i loved every single second of it. but i'm sure andrew would agree that our only regret was missing the concert in london.
finally, joanna scheduled a show in austin! we bought tickets months ago and have been looking forward to it. so thursday evening we went to kenichi for a bite of sushi and a few drinks, then we walked across congress to the paramount!
and the show was just stunning. this girl is beautiful and remarkably talented and her music is absolutely brilliant.
on top of loving the show, we got to experience it in one of my favorite austin venues. our seats were great and super close and the building is old and romantic.
she plays the harp. so cool.
it was the absolute perfect way to end an incredibly stressful week!

now i am headed to rwanda.
i'm currently sitting in the brussels airport (ugh layovers..) waiting to fly to kigali. my parents went on ahead of heather and i, so it's just us girls traveling the globe together. i flew to dallas from austin first thing this morning (after waking up at 4 having only slept 3 hours) and heather and i met up and flew together to dc. after a short stop in dc for some amazing crab cakes and french fries and some random airport purchases, we got back on a plane to fly to brussels. now we are waiting (and waiting and waiting) for our plane. the flight will be about eight and a half hours and then we will finally be there! heather and i look like the walking dead. we are so sleepy and hungry and dehydrated- heath is passed out on the airport couch next to me.

so if i can get some internets while i'm in rwanda i will definitely be posting! i really hope i can because there will be so much to tell you! so keep on the lookout for that. i'll explain it all later (when i'm not drugged and tired). love to all!! see you soon!!

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