toby after dentist

as i said earlier today, toby had to go to the dentist this morning. again- he had to have anesthesia. once the vet finally called me, i hurried up there to get my pup back. i knew he would be groggy, but the moment he saw me it was as if he was trapped inside his body. he was trying so hard to jump and squirm and lick but everything was in super slow motion. his head was bobbing around like it was too heavy for him. i made him take a couple photos in the car.
is this real life?
after a small bite of dinner (an i haven't had food in over 24 hours and mom feels bad so she's giving me canned food and i'm going to inhale it- kind of dinner) we plopped on the couch to watch some football. he tried so hard to keep his head up, but it would sloooowly sink back down.
they had to shave his arm- hence the puppy cast.
why is this happening to me?
then he got the shivers so i put him in gator jammies and tucked him into bed.
one photo later he was out.
although i missed my tobes all day long and i feel sad thinking how much he probably hate it, he is super cute when he is groggy and sleepy.

check mark for the teeth clean- all set for air travel!

heather, i would never "get rid" of you in painting form. i would be honored for you to have it. (heart)

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