t is for tricks and t is for treats

lindsey and haley's t party

t is for tasty beverages like witches brew and black widow shots
t is for table full of treats
t is for thing one and thing two
t is also for twins
running to help the cat in the hat
t is for terrorist craig and his terrifying vest of explosives
t is for tobi wan kenobi
t is for trashy trampy andrew
(wearing a strange combination of my clothes)
t is for taking andrew hostage
t is for toby the dog
there he is posing with tobi wan kenobi.
t is for wigs that turn your skin blue.
t is for t-bagging tea partiers (dillon covered in t-bags).
t is for tasting my mummy dogs.
t is for terrible fire building by andrew
t is for tipi- the only way to build a fire
(and for two ladies that had to summon their inner boy scouts and fix the fire)
t is for tropical flavored orange whipahol that topped off our jello shots.
(yes, it is alcohol whip cream)
t is for thelma and louise and their ultra-teased hair.
t is for two precious people- a nerdy bear and a pretty kitty.
t is for tons of fog from the fog machine!
t is for toasting another great halloween!
t is for too close, but still presh.
t is for two terrorists
(but the one on the right is also a hot zombie)
t is for these two guys that didn't think of costumes!
(just kidding guys- they are track stars!)
t is for two sets of twins!
t is for a tiny bit blurry picture of our twin tango.
t is for temptress vampires.
t is for three sexy ladies!
t is for my talented/witty friend, johnny!
(he came to the party as toby- and he wore a shirt that said "i love lindsey, i love food")
t is for terror truce.
t is for taking shots of mustard.
t is for the tremendous amount of fun i had this halloween!!
big thank you to everyone that came and made it fun!!
i hope you guys had as great a halloween as i did!
lots of love from thing two and tobi wan!


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