stress and procrastination


so i have been doing a really good job of clearing my life out of my little house. but right now i am having a really hard time not going crazy. rather than actually pull my hair out, i thought i would let yall know how the place is coming along. clothes are probably halfway sorted.
and i officially closed and sealed my first box of hawaii stuff! (yeah it is clothes)
but only having one season to plan for is really making packing a lot easier.
garage sale in the near future- big box of goodwill stuff- and maybe someday i will get through all the drawers of crap. i have sold quite a few things on craigslist though. so thats good. and i took all the photos out of the frames. and yes, i cried. i know i know- i'm coming back. but i hated taking down my photos! and my house hates not having its coziness.
don't even talk about this room.
toby is having a really hard day too. he had to go in for a teeth cleaning this morning (7:00 am) and he has to stay all day. dog dentistry is much more complicated than human i think (probably because humans don't bite the dentists). he has to have anesthesia and they have to hold him till this afternoon to make sure he is ok. when we dropped him off this morning the vet took off his collar and then put on his little doggie hospital collar and toby started shaking and crying and looking at me like "whyyyy?"
and a couple days ago toby did this to my phone. yeah he did. and i was angry.

i'm sure he is now sitting in his tiny kennel watching the vet groggily while the anesthesia wears off and his teeth start hurting more, wondering why breaking a silly phone deserves this kind of punishment.

and i sit patiently, amongst the mass of clutter, by my broken phone- waiting for the call that i can come get my boy back. i wish i had more to say on this subject... i really don't want to get back to packing and sorting. ugh.

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  1. hi. i know you will be getting rid of that painting of me. but. i want it. to bring it here. tank you ;)