a ghostland hallween

we kicked off the halloween weekend early and went to the ghostland observatory cd release party thursday night! it was way awesome. we decided neon dress was most appropriate for such a show- and we were right.
patrick and shannon drove in just to go to the show with us! we had a really lovely dinner and then got dressed and drove to cedar park. first we took some group timer shots.
actually like 10 but most were weird.
the big cold front came in that night and we were not expecting it to be that cold. we froze while waiting for the doors to open.
suspenders and neon headbands make any outfit.
we had wiggly sparkle balls on our heads but they got cut off (ahem!) in the taking of this photo.
look at those lasers!
it was a mega dance party.
it looks like all the lights in the room were on but really there were just that many lasers.
the rainbow ones were my favorite for sure.
patty and shannie looking excited but slightly blinded by laser light.
a lot of people dressed up for the show. one group all wore shiny jumpsuits (boys included) and they looked fantastic.
it was a wonderful start to a full weekend of party.
and i'm so glad my cousins drove all the way to party with us!
oh and the new ghostland cd is pretty great. but i love all of their songs so check em out if you haven't.
love you cousins- love you ghostland- love you halloween!!


  1. i am loving all the posts!! i love the ghostland, vampire and thang 1 and 2 costumes! like the best hallows eve ever.

  2. Group pics turned out awesome!