a birthday bash

so saturday was andrew's birthday. september and october are two really big months for birthdays in my life. i imagine that is why these months are always so fun? andrew's mommy and daddy came in town for the weekend and it was really wonderful to see them and actually all get to celebrate on the day! we did some shopping saturday morning (clothes and groceries) then came home in time for the texas/ou game. **i normally find this day very irritating simply because you have to listen to obnoxious oklahoma fans talking about how their school is so awesome when clearly it is not. its the same way i feel when i hear glenn beck talk about obama being a racist or global warming not existing. i know he is wrong, but i also know he believes it so strongly that no one will ever convince him otherwise. sorry oklahoma. you are the glenn beck of universities. but anyway! we all watched the game together after preparing an incredible feast.
look at all that greatness!!
toby did a lot of this...
it has only recently started to cool off and because it is texas, we waste no time acting fallish. luckily our resident camping expert was there to show us the ropes. i actually was quite amazed to see stuart create a roaring fire from a single match.
toby was also impressed, but his puppy lungs couldn't stand up to the smoke. he also needed to keep watch to make sure the neighbor dog did poop in his yard again. (hate my neighbors)
later our friends came over to celebrate! this was the most impromptu birthday party i have ever hosted (last minute doesn't usually fly with me) but it turned out so fun. i ran to the store and snagged some booze and a cake and ta-da!
booze and cake. (and johnny's arm getting a little burned.. no big deal)
we sang. he wished.
i popped moet. we cha-chinged our glasses.
johnny rocked andrew's safety vest (from work). and that blob in his drink is actually a raspberry (rather than whatever disgustingness you thought it was).
i love the birthday boy so much :)
porch sitting and champagne sipping.
then johnny thought he would take a nice rest in the hammock. the hammock thought he should not.
and the only appropriate response to this was for me to tell everyone of the first time i met johnny (when he came over and broke my screen door) and then force him to reenact the moment for the camera. yes that happened many years ago and no i haven't fixed it yet.
then someone showed me how to smoke a pipe. i would say i succeeded.
so in celebration of my favorite boy i want to say this: andrew is the best.
he is absolutely hilarious. he is far more talented than he realizes. he is smart and my favorite person to talk to about big issues. he is himself no matter what and his style is his own. sometimes i can't even describe why i love him, but when i smile at him i think he knows.

andrew- you are loved by so many.
happy birthday

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