austin city limits

this is my family.
every year they come and stay with me for austin city limits, and every year it is an insanely fun weekend. this year, i must say, was the greatest ever.
this is kristen. that is her circle scarf, featured on her blog. she is beautiful and fun and rocked that wool scarf even though it was 90 degrees. that is only one of the small reasons why i adore her.
jeff and kristen took the weekend off of parenting and drove to austin!
this is us on the first day. we snapped the annual "group porch photo" and then attempted a silly one. i would say the ladies were the only ones that really pulled it off.
then we loaded up our cars and drove to zilker park.
i had hats made for everyone that said big and then had a little picture of a fan. and i would like to send a shout out to michael and jeff for being the only ones that wore them every single day!
we always have trouble finding friends due to the terrible cell service at the park, but alex happened to spot craig and allison with his eagle eyes! we were so glad to find our friends! we, on the other hand, had no trouble spotting the biggest batman fan ever (that's him) (on the right).
heather and i were really excited to have our chicago dwelling brother in town.
i felt a bit sick (a lot sick) from the thursday night freshmillions concert where i had a lot to drink. i utilized our blankets and researched all the best shows in the book.
spoon played and it was really really fun. before the show i had alex and andrew pose for a photo. immediately afterwards a young mother came up and told us she wanted a photo too because the boys were just so cute. i agreed and told her i was lucky since one is my brother and the other is my boyfriend. alex and andrew get a lot of attention from fellow acl goers. one kid took an iphone photo of alex. a girl on sixth street asked to take a photo with andrew (which he agreed to). and one day at the park a girl turned to her friends after walking past alex and said "eeewww! that guy's dreads smelled so bad!" whatever- she was jealous.
spoon was quite the dance party. they played all my favorites. (thanks to me and allison we had a great spot up front!)
heather wore kristen's circle scarf incorrectly.
and then correctly (obviously jealous).
kristen and jeff saw pat green with 12 other people and then they met up with the group at amos lee.
probably having another phone issue here- but hot damn look at that scarf!
as the sun set i watched austin's skyline and was a little sad that i will be saying goodbye.
oh and jon and linda came. linda actually got to speak to amos lee (her hero) and told him he was the greatest and that she loved him.
while everyone else stayed late for the strokes, me and the parents came home to fix fajitas for dinner. jon, never being one to watch someone else cook beef, helped me out. he rocked the big fan hat, of course.
tomato = andrew gill obsession
avacado = heather halber obsession
this plate = big hit with those two
once everyone got home the food disappeared fast. everyone was starving and exhausted and that is probably why there are no photos of this night.

the next morning we woke up bright and early and ready for more music!
the halbert women recently invested in matching rings chosen by lindsey.
the getting in line was nuts so we photo-ed.
once inside we headed for the bar (and stopped for this precious sibling pic).
and look at what a pretty friend i have!
and what a hilarious brother i have.. (note that legally purchased brew in his left hand).
heather and brandon did us all a favor and bought some fried pickles. i swear, nothing on earth is more delish.
we are cool.
and look- haley is there on the bottom right! (so glad you could join us my dear!)
aww empty pickle box...
she couldn't be cuter, right?
solo lindsey pic.
and heather's friend shae came and found us on saturday! she is also a rocking good time.
once back home and after a few showers, jon and linda popped some champagne and we had a big toast to alex's 21st!
and here is my whole family!
i rented us a bus to take to dinner etc and it just so happened it was a karaoke bus! i made lots of jello shots and we had a gigantic sing-along.
jon and haley joined (love).
and it was a party!
we danced. dillon was there.
and there were even country songs!
we had dinner at the salt lick because i thought it would be an alex-ish place.
turns out it was. i have never seen so much barbecue!
some of the jello shots made their way into the restaurant and were kept cool in water glasses. (as if those were for drinking anyway!)
then we went for dessert (which was not photographed due to complete incompetence by the staff at the driskill). finally we hit sixth street! here is alex being forced to pose for a photo in front of the street.
we went to a bar and had some drinks.
maybe a shot or two?
and definitely dancing.
(truth be told- we were all just trying to stay awake after a long day of music in the sun)
the last day was a tough one. the lineup was great but the bed was greater. finally we made it out the door and, wouldn't you know it, i spent some time at the food zone. i may or may not have gotten into a fight with a guy that worked there, and shae and i may or may not have had giant snow cones.
here is heather and her wheels.
(they have a three way blog called the third wheel)
i love those three!
this is me during the edward sharpe sing-along.
we sat in the back for flaming lips. it was fairly enjoyable, but it was also hot and i was running off of a bottle of white wine, a snow cone, a half order of nachos, and almost no sleep. and that, my friends, is the recipe for a messy lindsey.
craig and allison were way tired too.
we chilled on the cool grass and watched the last few sunday night shows.
that night we came home and ordered take-out from two different places. then we all slept a really wonderful sleep.
to all my acl friends and those of you that joined in celebrating alex's 21st:
thank you for an amazing weekend and the best possible goodbye to acl!
i love you guys all so so so much!


  1. i cant tell you how much fun we had this weekend!! you are the most wonderful hostess, cousin and friend. loved getting to be with you guys this weekend. love YOU so much!!

    pps. thanks for the scarf love. it needed it. it feels overshadowed by the amazing make up.