t is for tricks and t is for treats

lindsey and haley's t party

t is for tasty beverages like witches brew and black widow shots
t is for table full of treats
t is for thing one and thing two
t is also for twins
running to help the cat in the hat
t is for terrorist craig and his terrifying vest of explosives
t is for tobi wan kenobi
t is for trashy trampy andrew
(wearing a strange combination of my clothes)
t is for taking andrew hostage
t is for toby the dog
there he is posing with tobi wan kenobi.
t is for wigs that turn your skin blue.
t is for t-bagging tea partiers (dillon covered in t-bags).
t is for tasting my mummy dogs.
t is for terrible fire building by andrew
t is for tipi- the only way to build a fire
(and for two ladies that had to summon their inner boy scouts and fix the fire)
t is for tropical flavored orange whipahol that topped off our jello shots.
(yes, it is alcohol whip cream)
t is for thelma and louise and their ultra-teased hair.
t is for two precious people- a nerdy bear and a pretty kitty.
t is for tons of fog from the fog machine!
t is for toasting another great halloween!
t is for too close, but still presh.
t is for two terrorists
(but the one on the right is also a hot zombie)
t is for these two guys that didn't think of costumes!
(just kidding guys- they are track stars!)
t is for two sets of twins!
t is for a tiny bit blurry picture of our twin tango.
t is for temptress vampires.
t is for three sexy ladies!
t is for my talented/witty friend, johnny!
(he came to the party as toby- and he wore a shirt that said "i love lindsey, i love food")
t is for terror truce.
t is for taking shots of mustard.
t is for the tremendous amount of fun i had this halloween!!
big thank you to everyone that came and made it fun!!
i hope you guys had as great a halloween as i did!
lots of love from thing two and tobi wan!


1980's vampires and some funky awesome jams

friday night was the "get lost halloween party" at studio 501. It was a really cool venue and there were some great bands. the party was themed after the 1987 cult film "the lost boys." Its an absolutely ridiculous (but awesome) movie about vampires. Therefore, we dressed as 80's vampires! I rocked some black jeans, a black jacket, fake shoulder pads made of socks, and some really vampirey makeup.
we waited for about a half a decade for our cab and made it to the venue right before our favorite band started. haley and i had a celebratory drink in honor of halloween, scariness, and shoulder pads.
then we tried on our fake vampire teeth. unfortunately they were the huge kind that just make you look like a crazy person.
johnny had the fancy teeth. he looked like a real vampire.
andrew wore his hair big and teased. i put some dark eyeliner on him, and he found some great dangly earrings (just like in the movie). johnny had blood on him. they made a really good pair of vampires.
haley and i did halloween right this year.
these are our friends. they are the freshmillions. they play fantastic funkalicious jams.
this was supposed to be some sort of crazy face.
then we met this person. an enthusiastic dresser, but not quite in the theme.
andrew wanted craig to eat a cupcake with his teeth in. it ended messily.
but the cupcakes were to die for.
and it was soo cold! we froze the whole way home.
once we got back i decided to test out my wig for saturday night.
then we gave toby some smooches.
then we let him test the wig.
i tried to make toby pose for some bedtime photos. i slept in my headband, my sweatshirt, my gloves, and a lot of black eye makeup. i looked really awesome the next morning.
for my next post i will share all the photos of me and haley's saturday night T party!
hope you come back to see them!


a ghostland hallween

we kicked off the halloween weekend early and went to the ghostland observatory cd release party thursday night! it was way awesome. we decided neon dress was most appropriate for such a show- and we were right.
patrick and shannon drove in just to go to the show with us! we had a really lovely dinner and then got dressed and drove to cedar park. first we took some group timer shots.
actually like 10 but most were weird.
the big cold front came in that night and we were not expecting it to be that cold. we froze while waiting for the doors to open.
suspenders and neon headbands make any outfit.
we had wiggly sparkle balls on our heads but they got cut off (ahem!) in the taking of this photo.
look at those lasers!
it was a mega dance party.
it looks like all the lights in the room were on but really there were just that many lasers.
the rainbow ones were my favorite for sure.
patty and shannie looking excited but slightly blinded by laser light.
a lot of people dressed up for the show. one group all wore shiny jumpsuits (boys included) and they looked fantastic.
it was a wonderful start to a full weekend of party.
and i'm so glad my cousins drove all the way to party with us!
oh and the new ghostland cd is pretty great. but i love all of their songs so check em out if you haven't.
love you cousins- love you ghostland- love you halloween!!