two of us

when i left for my first semester of college you made me a cd of songs to listen to on the drive. you said the songs reminded you of me and the first one was "two of us" by the beatles. every time i have listened to that song since, i instantly get happier because it reminds me of everything wonderful about you.
when my mom told me she was going to have a baby, i was a bit apprehensive. i, being the oldest and only child until then, was very content with my life of all the attention from mom and dad. my mom found out a bit later than it was a boy and they decided to name him alex. i eventually warmed up to the idea and every day i would sit in my mom's lap and talk to alex. i would tell him how i was going to be his big sister and i hoped we would be really good friends. and i would tell him every day that i loved him and couldn't wait to meet him. on the day he was born i was brought in to the hospital room to see him for the first time. he just looked like a tiny blob and i wasn't sure how i was going to be friends with something like this. but as soon as i said his name he turned his head and opened his eyes as if we had already known each other for so long. that was the first time i met alex and i think we have been best friends since that day.
no one meets my brother without walking away loving him. he has a complete and wholehearted devotion to his integrity and is adamantly loyal to the people in his life. he knows exactly how to make me laugh and how to comfort and listen.
not long ago alex moved to chicago to study at the art institute. he was the first person in my extended family to move away for college. i was so proud of him and so envious of his bravery and of course, when i visit him now, he seems to know at least half the city. everyone loves an alex.
and so today, my friends, is his birthday!
alex is 21 years old!!
alex, i raise my glass to you today. you are a wonderful man that i fully respect; you are wise and i trust you will go far. above all- you are incredibly fun. i wish i was there to buy you a jager bomb!!
may you always be bold and brave.
and may your glass continue to be full.
i love you with all of my heart.

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