l is for labor day and lindsey

for labor day i got to go out to the lake with my family (minus alex) and two of heather's friends (brandon and shae). it was so fun and so wonderfully uneventful. i woke up really early saturday morning, and it was beautiful! it was actually in the low 70's (which i never thought i would see again in texas) and everything was calm. toby loved the wet grass and the cool weather.
wet puppy feet.
toby was also really really excited to get to hang out with bailey. bailey is his cousin/best friend.
there was a fluff fight.
and this is a tired fluff.
i'm aunt lindsey.
that night i played guess who with heather, brandon, and shae.
brandon and brandon.
heather and red hat girl.
guess who pose fail.
guess who pose, success.
the next morning, it warmed up a lot and toby and i went out for some sun.
heather and shae went tubing.
and it was fabulous.
heather's face was most fabulous.
the kiddos.
the pups weren't as excited about the photo.
i made a delicious beverage with raspberries!
the nice cool down didn't last that long.
toby was sweaty.
so bailey stayed inside.
then we found this awesome frog in the hot tub! he was much prettier than the average texas frog, in my opinion.
linda spied.
what a wonderful weekend!
i hope you didn't have any labor in your labor day.
get excited for the next post.... i'm going on a really exciting trip tomorrow and i can't wait to tell you about it!


  1. lookin HOT linds! best of luck on your trip i am sooo excited for you.

  2. as always, precious post. love you xx