fall football festivities

hello to all!
i hope everyone had as beautiful a weekend as i did. our miniature austin version of a cold front finally came in today. i'm sure, by many standards, today was hot. i, however, was all ready to start carving pumpkins and making my halloween costume. week three of football brought all kinds of emotion. on saturday toby got his longhorns jersey on and got us pumped up for the game.
he also got a haircut. you may notice he shrank a bit from last week's photos. he behaved very well during the trim and it turns out his ut shirt fits a lot better now.
but the longhorns did not play quite as well as we had all hoped.
toby was not happy.
but he wasn't upset for long- andrew shared his salsa. (you can actually see his thoughts in this photo)
and then sunday we had many festivities! we had hot dogs for lunch and then spaghetti night, football edition. i made a large pot of spaghetti and meatballs and almost all of it was eaten. i also woke up really early so i could attempt a lemon cheesecake. i love lemon flavor anything and i super love cheesecake (especially in light of my recent intolerance to gluten which has stripped me of the ability to eat almost every dessert in existence). and i'm happy to say- my attempt turned out to be a huge success. yum.

toby watched all the food and won some nibbles with his cuteness. i tried to photo him in his cowboys jersey, but he was way too excited about food to do a photo shoot.
and guess what?? the cowboys got my letter! in case you missed my letter- it is at the end of the previous post, and it is directed to the dallas cowboys. apparently my threat of ending our lifelong relationship was enough to get their focus back! sure enough- they destroyed the texans!! the defeat was a terrible blow to my fantasy team, but i will make any sacrifice for america's team. they played like the team i always knew they could be and i welcome them back into my heart. thanks cowboys. this really means a lot.

happy first day of fall (which was last wednesday i think). the harvest moon was beautiful and i hope you all got to see jupiter at its super close proximity to us! fall is the best part of the year and i am so glad it is finally back! much love to all.

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