a demonstration for you

in the spirit of me moving to hawaii, i would like to share with you something i fell in love with last week in hilo.


it is this hairy fruit does not show up on the mainland. i have seen it before, but never like in hawaii. everything tastes better there. fruits, vegetables, fish, honey... its endless deliciousness. so anyway, the rambutan obviously tastes better too! i was not fully aware how one might eat a rambutan until recently. so now i will demonstrate it to you!

first you look at it and get excited about eating it.
then you push a finger (or fingernail) into the skin and try to tear it open.
it sometimes can be twisted apart.
and sometimes you have to make this face:
hurray! now it is open!
now peel away the top half of the skin and you will see the white fruit inside.
there it is! kind of looks like an egg...
but watch out for that seed in the middle!
apparently, if you eat it, it makes you constipated (according to a hawaiian).


so go try some rambutan, and don't forget to have a really wonderful weekend!


  1. Are you impressed that I actually knew what rambutan is?

    Yay Hawaii!

  2. I was so scared of these at first but now they're one of my favs!! Great post linds!!

    P.s. Congrats on hawaiii!!!!!!!!!