cowboys, we need to talk...

so andrew had some misfortune at work last week...
someone dropped a heavy object on his foot and broke it pretty badly. he has been hurting and has to wear a boot for a long time till it heals- that means no sports, no biking, no dancing, no walking (well, some walking). the good news is that toby has been taking really good care of him.
so on sunday, we woke up really early and drove to dallas for the cowboy game. we were all really excited about the little adventure, and everyone wore their gear (even the tobe).
we were so excited to get to the stadium! it was the season's first home game and we were all trying our best to put last week's loss behind us. johnny even made a really amazing shirt.
we even got there early and ate nachos.
the best part about going to the games is getting to see some of my family. kristen was in town and came with her kiddos.
the boys had baby hamburgers (also known as sliders).
i love andrew.
we even had a birthday cake to celebrate all our september birthdays!
ben and sawyer really got into it.
seeing as johnny's birthday is this wednesday, we celebrated him (and the others) with a champagne toast!
lets just say, the cake was much better than the game.
but there is nothing i love more than hanging out over beers and football!
everyone kept their chins up, despite the terrible loss to the (blah) chicago bears.
dear dallas cowboys,
people have told me my entire life that you are america's team.
when i was much younger, i wholeheartedly believed this. every sunday i watched magic happen on the football field. i wore the star with pride and even bought silly things like slippers and coffee mugs with your logo and colors. i pay more money than should ever be spent on television just so directv will let me watch every one of your games and every one of you opponent's games. over the last 14 years i have clung to the thought that every team has ups and downs and you were struggling to rebuild but would then rise up and become great once more. i have religiously watched and attended your games and screamed my lungs out at all fans of the opposition. i cried at your defeat in the playoffs last year, but i knew this would be your year. i watched your draft, your training camp, and all of your interviews. i ignored the painful losses in the preseason because i knew they didn't count. and finally the day came. the season began. i let the first game slide. and then yesterday i drove eight hours in a single day just so i could attend the first home game. i just knew we could cheer you on to victory. but no. you let me down again. it was a disgrace. it was an absolute disgusting mess. i'm not pointing fingers at any individuals, but you as a whole, have failed me. i'm telling you now: if you don't get your act together, i am leaving you. i will jump on the first bandwagon i can find and (thats right) cheer for a different team. this is your last chance. i'm being serious.

i will always love you and always miss you, but it might just be better if we went our separate ways.

your friend and hopefully forever fan,

and to everyone else that isn't a dallas cowboy, hope your weekend was great!

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  1. that made me laugh. i hope that they get their act together so we can all call them, not only americas team, but the halberts team, for many many more seasons. its really prob cause i forgot my jersey. thats def what happened. ill fix it next week. i love you. and your fun friends. and your cute pics. and your hilariousness. and now i am crying alone at my computer because you are leaving me...its ok...ill be ok...my kids will be ok...