blue all around

turns out both my boys had pretty rough thursdays. toby had a bath (as seen in the previous post), and andrew was really tired from work. he hasn't had much of a chance to catch up on rest, and sounded really bummed on the phone, so i thought i would try to cheer him up. i went and got one of his favorite beers, a bit of his favorite chocolate (the kind with peppers in it), and i made him "blues away cupcakes." these are essentially just cupcakes dyed blue with sad faces on them. i tried to use minimal icing since andrew doesn't like it, and i think they were pretty cute.

we had friends over to watch football and then later i was cleaning up. not wanting to waste my cupcakes, i tried to wrap them up.

no cling wrap.

so i got a big ziplock! i put them in carefully so their faces wouldn't get smashed, but there were three at the end i couldn't fit. i wasn't too concerned since i made like two dozen, and just left the three stragglers on the plate.

then later i came back into the kitchen and felt so incredibly guilty for what i had done to my cupcakes... i captured it for you:

**no cupcakes were manipulated for this photograph. they are just that upset.
like i said, i felt pretty guilty.
sorry cupcakes- i didn't mean to leave your friends out of the bag!

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  1. Hey! Lindsey,
    I Love, Love, Love your dog blog!The photography and writings are uniquely YOU!! And it makes me smile and laugh!! You are so incredibly creative and talented in all areas of the Arts!! Miss and love you!! Tammy