big news

we're moving to hawaii!!

last week, andrew and i flew to the big island with my parents to look at the university of hawaii at hilo. maybe i should back up. i have always wanted to study marine science, and i am finally getting the chance! i was recently accepted to the uhh marine science program and i got to go visit last week!! we flew to honolulu and then connected to hilo.
hilo is on the big island. it is on the opposite side of kona, where all the fancy resorts are, and it gets about eight times as much rain. it also happens to be the same side of the island as the volcano park! all the rain makes for some incredible plants and animals, and the most delicious fruits and vegetables ever! we got to stay in a house right off the ocean. instead of a sandy beach, it was all lava rock. this is right in our backyard!
here's the back of the house.
there were little black crabs everywhere and we found some that didn't make it. they were crispy and red.
we got to spend four days getting to know the city, the campus, and the housing situation. we had breakfast at ken's pancakes one morning. the parking lot was literally always packed, so we checked it out. i'm not sure if it lived up to the hype, but it was funny.
here we are at breakfast.
before we left, my dad was lucky enough to come in contact with someone that used to live in hilo. he wanted us to meet some of his friends there, and gave us some phone numbers and emails. i was a little nervous to barge in on someone that didn't know us, but apparently the nicest people alive live in hilo. our new friend allan spent his entire saturday driving us around the city and showing us all his favorite spots. since he has lived there his entire life, he knew a thing or two. this is a really beautiful surf spot he showed us.
then he drove us up to akaka falls. it was stunning.
there were windy stair trails all over that took you through gigantic trees and plants that i have never seen before.
look at the size of the bamboo!
every single detail was amazing.
the colors and the shapes didn't even look real.
it was like a painting that went on forever.
the banyan trees looked like they had been there since the beginning of time!
big leaves. only one yellow guy.
crinkle leaves.
then we made it to the falls.
yes i saw this in real life.
yes it is unbelievable.
yes when you come visit me i will take you here.
my parents were looking cute as always.
andrew and i were giddy with excitement!
dear sweet allan, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for welcoming us to your home! you truly made the experience unbelievable and gave me so much confidence in my decision to move. oh and everyone else- please do yourself a favor and buy some of allan's chocolates from his store, big island candies. they are absolutely to die for!

texas time is five hours ahead of hawaii, so i woke up before the sun every morning.

and every morning it was beautiful.
pretty greens and pretty yellows
good morning ocean!
but this little flower hadn't woken up yet.
then we found this big frog that got stuck in the pool!
my mom and i helped him escape.
he ribbetted a thank you.

on football day we had champagne (my favorite).

with lots of white pineapple from the farmers market. it tasted like candy!
the champagne was intended to be in celebration of the first cowboys game, but they sucked. so instead it was in celebration of me going to school.
me and moet
timer group photo!

in hawaii, football starts really early in the morning. so we had pjs, mimosas, and football. could it be any better than that?? if you look carefully you can see- we have tv football, laptop football, ipad football, and iphone football and fantasy football. i dominated fantasy all day sunday, but then stupid jamaal charles had to go and ruin everything with his huge touchdown on monday night. you win this time andrew...

later, andrew and i found a coconut. they are really hard to get open, especially if you don't have tools. so we threw it into the rocks over and over and finally busted it open. it was delish!!

blue waves behind our house.
oh and there were huge sea turtles all around! they kept poking their heads out of the water to say hello.
here is a huge snail we met. we helped him cross the road to safety.
andrew by the ocean.
then we spotted a dead fish. he got thrown up on the rocks by a wave and couldn't get back in. it was sad.
you can see a little dead crab on the rock. he got smushed.
me and some giant grass. i felt a little like alice in wonderland, just without the talking flowers.

it is really hard to remember any of the street names. they all sound the same to me.

the lava rock is so cool. it looks like frozen time.

so there you have it. hawaii here we come!
but i know what you're thinking... what will become of toby? and his dog blog??
well, andrew and i talked it over with him...
and he's coming too!
i even brought him a hawaiian shirt to get him pumped about it.
he has to get all kinds of tests and quarantines before we can bring him, but he is a brave puppy. school starts in january and i have to be there in time for orientation, so i'll have to go early. in the meantime i will be selling everything i own (except for my favorite things which i will store with jon and linda). but if i own anything that you want- just ask about it- i'll probably sell it to you (possibly more on this later).

thanks for all the support from my friends and family- i can't wait for you guys to visit!


  1. I can't wait to read about this gorgeous adventure, but I will miss my gorgeous friend xx

    ps-- i would buy your elliptical monster, but i have a feeling jon & linda will add it to their intense workout regime?

  2. I am so excited for you! Also, very jealous about all of the pinapple you will be consuming. Maybe you could store some pinapple juice in a mini-fridge in your bedroom...oh wait, already been done. :)

  3. shut up!! i am so excited for you guys!! that is just going to be amazing!!! i am crying right now just thinking about you being gone! but i am coming to visit asap!!! i love you and am just so excited for you!!!!

  4. How fun are you?!!! I am so excited for ya'll! It looks amazing! I love that Toby is coming along and that shirt is priceless. I can't wait to hear all about it!

  5. You are amazing and I loved your pics and notes!! Those crinkle leaves are adorable! Keep the blog coming!!