when you know, you know

last weekend i got to witness the marriage of my cousin jon mark to his wife keali. it was beautiful and so much fun! friday night was the rehearsal dinner in dallas at the house of blues. keali and jon mark knew each other only 6 months when they got married, so the catchphrase on the t-shirts and hats (yeah we do that for every event) was, "when you know, you know!" here i am with my name card at dinner.
and here is patrick with his name card.
me and my boo.
andrew and abbi are 90 something days away from having their first baby boy (to be named luke). he is guaranteed to be cute.
jeff and little sawyer- eating her chicken nugs.
and here is kristen and benjamin! they are always up for a party.
ps- if you want to see tons of cuteness involving the family in the previous two photos, go to my cousins blog- lullaby lubbock.
here are the three aunts (however the one on the right is obviously my mother). i forced them to pose like this for this photo. there is a really fantastic photo from the 80's of the three of them in this same pose but with way bigger and more permed hair and some really awesome sunglasses. i promise we will get to those photos some day.
my cousin michael and sawyer (his niece).
here is jon mark and his best friend and best man, shannon. they were our evening entertainment.
my parents are the best
the harmon brothers (led by father) sang a song for jon mark "when i grow up i wanna be just like jon mark." it was awesome.
shannon enjoyed it.
there's jon mark and keali listening to the personalized song.
heath took this on the way out. the elevator had blue lights in it and it was really awesome.
i rocked that kjm hat.
the next day we drove out to the lake where the wedding took place! it was insanely hot out, but we all knew this going in. here is patrick on the way to the ceremony.
patrick and shannon also got married at ke'ohana. here they are, a little over a year after their wedding, still as beautiful as the day!
flowers all over- pink and yellow and orange-y
the wedding cake! (which i sadly couldn't eat)
by cherry laurel, a local caterer/bakery in athens tx.
i have no idea why i didn't crop/edit any of these photos, but i'm too lazy to re-import them.
anyway, this one is cute but really far away.
here is mr. brazos with his mommy waiting for the ceremony to start.
here is me with my fan. it was such a good idea- since it was almost august and outside, they printed the programs on fans!
jon and linda are so cute
and here is the bride and groom! looking fantastic!
first kiss as harmons
here is kristen and little ella (also featured on lullaby lubbock).
sawyer played in the sand on the putting green.
roomies! (michael has been living with p & s all summer)
here is the beautiful mother of the groom and one of her grandsons (owen)
thanks for such a wonderful weekend jon mark and keali!
it was so nice to share your special day with you-
all the best wishes and lots of love from your family!
married july 31, 2010


  1. I miss that place... it kinda makes me want to do S&P's wedding all over! (Just so you know, I totally stalk your blog!)

  2. i love her dress! so beautiful. did you recover my football from the 4th?

  3. you are like so beautiful. we had SO MUCH FUN. how do i see your mobile me??? i wanna see them all!