i love you more than my purple chair

dear heather,
nothing in the world makes me prouder than being your big sister.
i love you more than toby loves his purple chair.
you have such an attitude of independence,
and such a fantastic sense of style.
you are a free thinker and you are not afraid of questions.
i love to look at your photography,
because i love the way your eyes see things.
this is your 1st birthday.
every child in history has a first birthday involving them in a highchair and an entire cake for them to smush, lick, throw, and put in their hair.
you, on the other hand, were confused as to what we expected out of you.
the giant cake sat in front of you and you just looked up at everyone.
you poked a finger or two into it, but still didn't understand.
we tried to show you that it was tasty and fun to make a mess with.
but you were not into it.
every day of your life, you have had your own way of doing things.
sometimes people don't get it.

but thats why i love you!

just like some people don't get what we are laughing at,
or how that could possibly be so funny.
no one can make me laugh the way you can.

i wish i was there to help you celebrate you on your special day!
i love you love you love you forever
the way only your sister can.

-lindsey and toby

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