the hottest day of the year

sunday was austin's annual hot sauce fest. the entire day is devoted to the love of hotness and tomatoes (among other ingredients). andrew could not be happier on this day. basically people submit sauces and salsas that they have crafted. they are categorized and tasted by all. after a vote, the hot sauce champion is crowned. restaurants, commercial bottlers, and individual geniuses are all allowed to submit sauce. beyond this, there are tents from restaurants and hot sauce people all over the place. its is also at the end of august every year (and that day is always hot). all in all- there was hotness.

dillon met us at the house that morning, and then the three of us set off for the festival.
right away we went to our favorite line. thanks to us getting there so early, they weren't that bad. red hot sauce is always better than green, and the individual ones are always more adventurous. sure enough, this was a great line of competition.
we waited, and sweated, and waited and sweated. then we ate hot sauce and sweated some more. i am more of a wuss than the boys, so i didn't eat quite as much sauce as they.
they even tried some ghost pepper salsa (hottest pepper on earth). andrew scooped a huge bit on a chip and said "ehh, its not that bad." i was wise and didn't trust him. (andrew's "not that bad" could still put an untrained spice eater in the grave)
he finished off his samples like a true american- with a budweiser. one of the tents had spicy chicken salad (logans) and that is why he is pictured here holding a cracker rather than a tortilla chip.
as the day progressed it heated up even more (you should have seen me after the uphill bike ride home- woof). so we took the party to a location with air conditioning.
toby was glad to see us. he really had wanted to come to the festival.
dillon's bike.
the next, most obvious decision, was to make our own salsas. we central marketed it and then took all the ingredients to dillon and johnny's house.
dillon decided to use eggplant and mushrooms for a bit of an italian salsa. he is a fantastic chef and everything he cooks turns out delish- this was no exception. oh and k2 joined (thats him on the right).
obviously you have to have tomatoes.
here the chefs are discussing their work.
andrew made a large blend of a bunch of different peppers. it was spicy for sure, but good as usual.
maybe next year we can submit.
i shall now take this opportunity to introduce to my blog reading friends.............

the newest addition to our ever expanding dog family...........

this is dillon's little girl munkee. she is sweet and pretty and still trying to remember the difference between toilet paper and food. despite her puppy phase, she very loved. she was adopted from the town lake animal shelter and is almost a year old. she lives with her best friend leila and loves to play chase around the yard.
the good thing about cooking with dogs in the house, is the floor stays super clean.
thanks for the lovely sunday guys!
yall's salsas will always be number one in my book.


  1. what a great munkee picture!!!

  2. I AM TRULY JEALOUS OF THAT SALSA TRYING DAY. that sounds like my dream day.