h. h. hippo strikes again

this weekend i had the joy of my very long time friend, zach, coming down to austin to see me before he has to go back to abilene (yuck) and finish school. we didn't have an incredibly eventful weekend due to an extreme heat wave, but what we did do was great. most of it involved food, but this is appropriate. zach is a food lover.
so while he was here, we had a few beverages, got really into a new iphone game, and hung out with friends. i cooked dinner one night, but for the most part i tried to give zach a good sampling of austin's largest portioned and most austin-y restaurants.

this night we went to trudy's because i thought zach would enjoy the mexican martinis, which they are famous for. as i suspected, he did. he also found a dish that was right up his alley.
these dishes once contained a lot of food- including a chicken fried steak. note that they are now blank.
andrew had to work really late friday night and for a large chunk of saturday. i was bummed because i like andrew, but once we got him back on saturday, the party started. and by party, i mean eating.

zach saw a bit on the travel channel or something about the salt lick. the salt lick is a famous bbq place outside of austin- in driftwood. they have a really serious method of meat cooking and they don't mess around with the size of the plates. once again, this is right up zach's alley. it also happenes to be one of those austin touristy things that i have yet to experience! so we picked up andrew at work and drove the 45 minutes to driftwood. the parking lot at this place is comparable to that at six flags. the waiting area is a gigantic outdoor place full of tables. there is a permanent sign that says "30 minute wait." there is a literal snack and drink stand for people that can't make it that long without food (a common sight out there).
we got lemonade (which is fresh squeezed on the spot) and it was heavenly. embarrassingly enough, i had two cups of it. sugaaaaaaaa
oh and its byob, so andrew brought beer. lone star of course.
waiting our 30 minutes.
finally we sat down! they brought us a bucket of ice for our beers.
zach still had his lemonade from the wait.
he also got a tea, to satisfy his hourly craving.
and of course, a beer was necessary.
so many beverages.
and then he received his food!!
its all in the eyes.
andrew and i both have a fairly strict policy concerning meat consumption.
however, we took the liberty of throwing the policy out the window and caution to the wind- all in the name of a real salt lick experience. in classic andrew style, he ate his food with a huge helping of their "extra spicy habenero sauce," the "salt lick original hot sauce," and 4 fat pickled jalapenos. he was a spicy mess. my food was less spicy and delish. probably won't be back, but really glad i got that in before i die.
zach also couldn't help himself when it came to the cobbler. they had peach and blackberry and when he asked our darling waitress which was better, she offered half and half. zach said at that moment he was contemplating a proposal. it turned out to be more like cake than cobbler. zach called it the "greatest cobbler of all time."
the boys were almost too full to move by the end of lunch. i drove them home, due to a long food coma.
it was a lovely long weekend with my bud. i hope he enjoyed his time in austin!! i did!

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