farmin' it

as many of you may know, my dear sweet virtual sister (and andrew's actual sister) sarah, is moving to new haven, ct so she can continue studying architecture at yale. she is brilliant and talented and we are so proud of her. last weekend, she and andrew drove all the way to new haven from dallas! it was a long drive and they did it in record time- no tickets and no wrecks!! sarah, it is sad to see you go again, but we are so excited to see your brilliance at work. best of luck and all our love from texas!

while they were off on this cross country adventure, i got to spend the weekend with some of my favorite folks at haley's family farm. it is out in crockett tx, about a three hour drive from austin. we took off thursday night at about 11-ish pm. this made for a late arrival at el farmo. haley and i drove together with toby as our passenger while jon took the lead in his fancy new truck with the three large doggies. upon arrival, we had a few drinks and sat on the porch. this little spider welcomed us happily.
this is gus. he is large. he loves this chair.
toby also loves the chair. there was a little bit of competition over it.
the dogs loved playing out in the fields. unfortunately, the cows that are normally out there are temporarily absent. no one was more upset about this than scrappy.
the house is really cute and makes you feel like you are in a cute little texas farm house (which you are).
toby rocked his texas flag tee.
great porch swing
lots of these things were consumed all weekend.
once again, the house is cute.
toby seemed to think jon kept treats in his backpack.
on our first day at the farm, we decided to go for a walk through the pasture. it was crazy hot, but we survived. all the dogs tagged along.
toby legitimately believes he is as big as the other dogs. he tried so hard to keep up through the super tall grass.
it is so open and beautiful!
toby says, "wait for me!!"
suddenly, the exhaustion became too much. he flopped down under a tree and told us to leave him behind. luckily he is small and easily carried. i walked him the rest of the way to the pond.
this, my friends, is a very rare sight. toby was so hot and so tired, he ran right into the pond and muddied himself up.
gus and ozzy were distracted by a fantastic sniff. here you can see them both trying to sniff the same spot.
then they all went swimming! ozzy went all the way in.
gus was concerned for toby.
jon got a lot of abuse for the number of photos in which he is on the phone.
toby's legs were muddy little sticks by the time he finished drinking seven gallons of water.
gus is huge
i carried toby a bit more and he proved to be a bit heavier than he looks.
then i let him walk some more. of course he instantly started running again and re-tired himself out.
pretty trees
jon and haley walking
once back at the house, we had to wash the dogs off because they smelled like pond. gus tried really hard to eat some of the hose water.
toby did this for a long time
then we played some jenga!!
very serious
leaning jenga tower!
and that evening an amazing storm blew in. you could see it off in the distance!
scrappy was not afraid and kept watch by the fence.
it got darker...
and we kept watching.
then the thunder started and the dogs got more nervous!
toby and scrappy took shelter under the table.
and it just kept getting darker and the clouds kept getting prettier.
we watched the lightning and waited for the rain.
and suddenly it came!
it was so pretty, and we stayed outside as long as we could.
shortly after returning inside, the power went off. the solution was to play candlelight monopoly.
sometime in the night the power came back on and our sweat eventually dried. jon and haley are excellent breakfast cooker by the way. we crafted a happy face with our fried eggs and bacon.
then johnny came!!! and gus and jon were so happy!!
right away we caught him up on the sexy men of 2007 (old magazines).
then we had some mimosas on the porch.
oops. haley spilled.
johnny gave jon a bit of a golf lesson.
ozzie chilled with the ladies in the shade.
leila was a little outnumbered- only girl dog.
then the boys did a little mowing.
but jon didn't let it slow down his beer consumption.
johnny did some golf tricks for us.
gus wants desperately to be a lap dog. he tried it out here on johnny.
leila is a bit closer than gus.
jon and gus cuddled a bit.
haley joined in too.
johnny posed with a dead animal on the wall.
tha ladies
jon's old friend matt came out for the night too. he brought his lovely girlfriend along too.
and her is our group point photo.
a little beer shotgun.
and a lot of catchphrase!
then we suddenly discovered that jon's shirt glows in the dark!!
johnny night golfed into the pond.
matt has guns. he brought one for shooting.
everyone took turns.
they shot at a target across the pond.
jon wanted this photo of him and his car. step one towards red neckdom.
haley was really good. here you can see the shell flying behind her. sweet.
i hope we come back soon!
i posed toby in front of the sunset. right after i snapped this, he fell off the railing. (oops. sorry tobe)
the next morning i got to watch the sunrise. after a bit of a clean, we headed back to austin.
it was an amazing weekend!! thanks jon and haley for letting me join you guys- i had so much fun!!


  1. heather your sister- duh.August 14, 2010 at 11:32 PM

    like. obsessed with you...

  2. so cute. you and hayley-hate you both. so cute.

  3. those photos of the dogs, especially the ones of toby trying to keep up and passing out, are sooo adorable. and like heather, i am also obsessed with you.