dogsitting and toby's yertle complex

so jon and haley's house has had a little trouble with the air conditioner. the last straw finally fell on the hottest day austin has seen this summer. since jon has been out of town, haley and the dogs crashed with us for a couple days. and today i got to hang out with all the pups!
toby was excited about having his friends over at his house! he shared his water bowl with gus, showed ozzy a really great sniff spot in the backyard, and even let scrappy play with his teddy.

there was a heart to heart under the ottoman.
but toby didn't appreciate being small. he took advantage of being at home by jumping on his purple chair and making gus feel small.
gus was bummed that he couldn't fit on the purple chair.
so instead, he guarded the door and kept away the mailman.
ozzy was a little homesick, so he took a nap.
actually, everyone napped.
but toby refused to leave the purple chair.
dear haley + dogs, i love you guys and i'm glad we got to have a little slumber party while your house got fixed! come back soon!

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