we found nemo, a pool, and ladies night

this weekend was one of those unexpected and remarkable weekends! andrew's parents have friends with a ranch house out in nemo (yes, that is a place in texas). occasionally they go stay at the house for a weekend getaway. last weekend they went and invited andrew and i to join, and of course we said yes! even toby was invited!!
i scruffled up his hair to show you his excitement:
the drive took about three hours and began at 6:30 on friday afternoon. we feared the traffic and the hours in the car. luckily, we took the way that didn't involve i35. it was a lovely drive through twisting, winding roads and rolling hills. everywhere we looked there was green grass and cows to munch it.

finally we arrived at the house. it was dark by the time we crossed the brazos and pulled onto the rock drive, but the stars were out and we were greeted with lots of hugs.

the next morning we woke up early and went straight out to the pool! andrew brought all kinds of balls to play with: soccer, golf, foot, etc. he had a bit of trouble keeping the soccer ball on our side of the wall and out of the pool. luckily the pool net was perfect for fetching it from the hard to reach places.
got it!
here he is. net, boy, and ball- a successful combination.
toby was excited to see dinky! she is the gill's dog. unfortunately she has been a little sick lately, but toby tried his best to cheer her up. they nose hugged.
there was a lot of father/son soccer bonding.
the net was called into play once more.
this is the rock wall that surrounded the house, yard, and pool. on the other side there were big trees and thick grass. it was beautiful!
on my way back from the cactus photo i was capturing a little more father/son soccer. the ball suddenly headed toward the pool! stuart ran to catch it before the net had to be brought back out! he ran faster and faster and faster and then realized he could not stop!!


i missed the actual splash... but here's the aftermath.
dinky didn't find it amusing.
sarah showed em how its done. she also showed us how to rock a pre-owned, junior sized, half-off, burberry swimsuit from glen rose's finest resale shop.
andrew showed us his perfect flipping form.
and how to mid-air-over-pool-high-five!
there was some reading..
i let my hair down...
so we could snap a picture together.
here's andrew and his momma.
and there are his toes!
it was just a beautiful day.
and i wouldn't stop taking pictures.
we chilled to some tunes.
and busted out the shiner.
sarah got burned.
this is my favorite photo of all.
it was so hot out there!!
the heat was melting little toby, so we put him on the raft to cool off. he hated it at first, but i think he knew that cooler is better.
i love how his furs float in the water.
he thought about swimming to shore, but didn't.
then i stole his raft. and got a pretty nice burn.
sarah drove back to austin and we all took some fantastic naps.
that evening, the four of us drove into town for dinner. we happened across a grill that looked cute and appetizing. it was in an old house with a wrap around porch and was started in the early 30's! we had a hilarious waiter that was really really quick on the water re-fills (rivaling even the dallas lawry's ice tea refill man).
3/4 of the fam.
we were also the only people in six counties that didn't think it was too hot to sit outside. we had the huge porch to ourselves and got to watch the people walk past, and the sun go down.
this is me smiling because the blackened catfish was so delish.
cute little cactus in the driveway.
we kept driving around town, hoping to find all the people. we had been told numerous times by humans and newspapers that saturday night is "ladies night" in the square. we had two ladies, so we went looking for a party! there were signs all over that said ladies night, but there were no ladies to be seen. finally, a few questions later, we discovered the truth about ladies night: it involves no music, drinks, dancing, or even high heels. it simply means the shops stay open later than normal so the "ladies" can shop after the sun goes down. pretty fabulous eh? needless to say, we were not thrilled with the turn out, so we turned back to the homestead.
the next morning, my mother decided to drive out and spend the morning with us! we did some more swimming and a lot more tanning. andrew did some more flipping.
dinky still didn't feel well and decided to stay inside. she also decided that toby's bed (even though it is much smaller than hers) was more comfortable than her own. toby did not take it personally and gave up his bed for the weekend like a true gentleman.
the drive home was also nice. i didn't have to drive this time, so i entertained myself with the camera.
beautiful scenery the whole way.
at last we made it home and finished the night with some brick oven take-out and a bit of the godfather 2. i was very very tired and my skin is now very very dark. nemo, thanks for the good times. gills, as always, yall are the funnest!

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