the homeowner circle of life

i love my yard, grass, trees, birds, squirrels, etc. as much as the next tree hugger. however, as a homeowner, they frequently cause me much more work than i can handle. since our return from traveling, andrew and i have been busy. and neither of us seems to ever feel like doing the yard work without the other to help. this results in my little square of nature taking over my little house.

my sweet friend johnny came over saturday morning to say hey and have a bit of coffee. while sitting on the porch, i made a comment about the yard growing taller than the house, and johnny suggested we tackle it together. johnny is like that- always up for helping his friends. i agreed, and after breakfast, he came back with our friend mance and lots of yard grooming tools. andrew even helped a bit before he had to go to work!
i only have a push lawnmower, which is great for a trim, but it would have taken me six weeks to tackle this job. luckily, mance has a real lawnmower. he is also an experienced weed eater operator. some of you may recall my tragic loss of half a sandal and the better part of my foot skin to the weed eater last year?
johnny is a pro. maggie stopped by to say hey, but she had major terrible ear infections from pond swimming at the fourth of july party.
i was innocently trying to unfold one of the gigantic lawn bags, and johnny bagged and photographed me. if your wondering why i am wearing those silly tall socks, don't worry about it.
i felt really sad taking so many green lives, but it had to be done.
you see, i water and feed my yard and encourage it to grow. it grows and grows, and with a little help from my lazy, it takes over my home. this is why jesus invented the lawn mower. we cut down the lawn and bring it back to its humble beginning. circle of life.
i am so proud of my pretty house and yard. (smile)

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  1. umm, have you seen this??
    its hilarious!!