4th of july lake party

every year we have a blowout party at the lake. this year, however, will go down in history as the best lake party of all time.

early thursday morning, toby and i packed up and headed out to the lake. we only had to drive to dallas, because i spent the previous week there. and on that note- while in dallas i had an appointment with my back doctor and he says i don't have to have surgery!! hurray for that! anyway, the tobe and myself drove out to cedar creek. we wore our most festive outfits.
toby got a new t-shirt for the fourth. it is from build-a-bear and it is an american flag made of guitars.
we spent thursday getting set up and that afternoon, craig, sarah, andrew, and the cooks came out to join us. we (the younger ones) ended up staying up till the wee hours of the night (or morning?) jumping off the rope swing and sliding in the dark. it was fun but scary. it also resulted in me having no voice all weekend.

the next morning, zach and i had to go into town (gun barrel city) for some groceries. we drove to brookshires and loaded up on all the foods we forgot to get before. unfortunately, one of the things i forgot was my gluten free flour. i asked the kind man and brookshires what he thought about the subject. he explained that they do not carry any, but the "health food store" down the street does. as we thanked him he said "you got a kid with food allergies?" then zach explained to me that in gun barrel city we are far past the prime child bearing age. the man also gave us directions to the health food store. he said exactly this: "you know gun barrel city? (yes) its the gray buildin on the right." sweet directions. so we drove aimlessly for quite sometime looking for this elusive health food store.
zach had no problem working on the drumsticks while we drove. we didn't want them to melt, you know. we noticed a store named "vitamins" and thought "surely that isn't it..." turns out it was. once inside i inquired about the flour and the response was "we keep it in tha fridge so them bugs doan git inside." sweet. we found our cold rice flour and were back on the road in no time.
friday night was great. lots more late night partying and sliding. by the end of the evening, everyone else had arrived. and the games began saturday morning. sarah and andrew prepared a fantastic meal of breakfast tacos when we woke up and then it was off to the races. for those of you that did not know, my father and i planned the first annual lake olympics for the fourth of july weekend. this is the score board. three teams (red, blue, and yellow) in 8 games.
alex got everyone fired up by waving the giant american flag for us.
here are my ladies from the yellow team showing off our guns.
these three boys were all on different teams. andrew and johnny took it quite seriously, as you can see. jon was excited.
during the disc golf competition, jon thought it would be nice to intimidate the other teams. he did so by hiding his already tiny shorts under his large tank top.
it came down to jon v. jon.
sadly the blue team won and yellow took second place.
heather and i rocked the usa swims. they are from wal-mart and very patriotic.
toby and sarah got some sun through the clouds.
even in the drizzle, it was way hot. toby tried to cool off with a miller lite.
the kayak races were intense. yellow team got kicked out early and it came down to blue v. red. this became a pattern throughout the games. i (the creator of the lake olympics) devised a plan that would keep every team equally competing. everyone protested this plan and called it unfair. for this reason, the yellow team played almost zero games. don't worry, i've already come up with a plan for next year.
saturday was really wet and overcast, but it never stopped us from having a good time. here is jon and haley all dressed up for dinner. fantastic picture by heather.
we watched the airshow and it was very impressive this year.
the parachuter had a bit of trouble. he accidentally landed on our property so andrew and alex came and saved him on a golf cart. then they helped him load his chute into the rescue boat.
here is katie and johnny- cute as ever.
and my little heatherino. anxiously awaiting the firework show.
for those of you that also don't know this, alex and zach are masters at fireworks production. they have spent 8 years mastering their technique. alex, father, and myself all pitched in to help on the soundtrack this year (collectively 7.5 hours were spent on it).
and the show could not have been better!! 9 minutes of perfection!!
zach got a little burned from the falling bits of ash. his back was slightly destroyed.
he and alex toasted their success with white russians.
(all in the name of the dude)
alex, zach, and their assistant fireworks techs all posed for a photo at the end of the show.
and here are my two favorite boys.
the next morning we woke up to blue skies!! it was beautiful! so we went straight to the skate park/the field to do all kinds of fun things.
alex showed off some of his best moves.
many frisbees and footballs were thrown, and many soccer balls were kicked.
alex and allison even had a friendly handstand competition. no winner was determined.
everyone rocked the ke'ohana sun shades.
after a swim in the pond, we found a dead fish. it smelled.
toby and nan had a little chat and he showed off his new t-shirt.
then we went for a swim in the waterfall!
this group shot is such a framer.
and here is andrew and i. maggie was there, but at this point she is hiding behind the waterfall.
the weather caused a few delays in games. one of the games was a waterballoon toss/fight. because this game had to be removed, we had a lot of extra balloons/launchers laying around.
the boys were sure to put them to good use....
they volleyball tournament was exciting (except that the yellow team failed again). toby kept getting overheated. me (the concerned parent) dunked him in the cold water for good measure. he hated it, but secretly knew it had to happen.
allison was the yellow team's most spirited player. she dove into the sand for balls and made sure no one on her team stopped paying attention.
here is the red team, watching blue and yellow, and cheering for yellow.
katie and johnny again. johnny was the number one all around athlete of the olympic games. it is freakish how these guys can be good at every sport. (hence my desire for a debate amidst the games)
we all did some jumps off the dock. to me, this is terrifying, so i choose to watch. drew chose to jump.
and remember the good use they found for the water balloons? pegging the passing boats.
they hit two but narrowly missed 30.
here zach is gazing at the flying waterballoons.
that night, we had a huge party. the food was great, the music was rocking, and i loved getting to be with all my favorite friends.
we even got in some tequila shots. one of the limes almost cost me my thumb, but its cool.
and here is the grand prize. the tiki man.
awarded to the blue team.
and so the sun set.
it was the greatest fourth of july ever.


  1. FANTASTIC!!! what a fun weekend! love it guys!! happy fourth of july!!!!

  2. let me just say.........that is the SICKESSSSSSSSSSSSS picture of me (when were in the hot tub......in the matchy swims.......) im pissed. but not too pissed because this is cute. i loved this 4th :) hehehhe love you lindsss