a weekend at the lake

for memorial day, toby and i got to go out to my parents lake house. we swam, we ate, we partied, and we sunburned. it was awesome. friday morning i got toby all packed up and ready to go. his lake outfit of choice this time was swim trunks and his dino tank. here he is getting pumped up about swimming.
once we arrived, toby and bailey were so happy to see each other! they are best friends of course.
we went for a ride in the golf cart. toby drove us around.
actually he only helped. he can't reach the pedals.
and look who got to come along for the weekend! my favorite friend jonathan! we were besties all through high school and i sadly haven't seen him nearly enough since then. getting a whole weekend together was absolutely wonderful.
while we played bocci ball, toby chilled out with a drink.
and drank a little condensation from jonathan's drink.
that night we had burgers! sadly, they are off my personal menu, but everyone else loved them.
here's dad- master chef- grilling burgers and toasting buns.
and here is heather and drew. clearly enjoying the burgers.
we went for a late night swim and run down the slide. jonathan forced me to go two by two on the raft and i thought we were actually going to fly out!
all my harmon cousins got to come out and join us for the weekend too and it was awesome. i got to hang out with and obsessively photograph brazos and owen all weekend. it is impossible to take a bad photo of either of them. heres little brazos going for a swim in his super awesome fish trunks.
walmart blessed me with a really patriotic swimsuit for the weekend.
one night jon mark and keali made nachos for us and they were gigantic and amazing. this is my dad digging in.
jonathan and i with the sunset. so pretty. and yes i'm still patriotic.
owen tried his hand at putting but the club was just a little too big. the golf ball apparently tasted awesome though.
and here i am with brazos. he loves to splash the water and even when it isn't swimming time, its still 'splash the water' time.
my lovely parents.
heather ann and her main man drew. they are the cutest two of all!
the sunset was so incredible. its amazing that this kind of beauty happens every single evening. i wish i remembered to remember it more often.
the boys, posing for an oh-so-adorable photo.
i hope you all had a lovely weekend too! love and peace!

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