to: high tide - from: low tide

this is my dad. he is the most wonderful father in the whole world.
he has an incredible and steadfast commitment to what he believes in- which is something i have always respected. his heart has an unmatched capacity to love, and through all the obstacles life has thrown at us, he still encourages and supports me just as much as he did 24 years ago. even when i push his buttons, get crazy tattoos, or try to spark political debates- i know i could never make my dad stop loving me.
music is something we have and will always share.
as is an adoration of our earth- especially its oceans.
he is the type of dad that would tell me the other indian princess girls are going to be very disappointed that they have to sleep in tents in the rain- and then drives to a hotel, promising that it is for the best. and when we are asked to choose our "indian names" he tells me (does not ask me) that our names will be "high tide and low tide."
he is the dad that would swim with me around the perimeter of our pool and defend me against the pool sweep- quoting monty python lines to make it less scary.
he is the type of dad that will explain to his 6 year old what the term "symbiotic relationship" means, and how important bob marley is to music.
he is the man that teaches his kids the proper way to eat crawfish and how to read the real meaning into dr. seuss' books.
he is the guy that encourages his children to follow their dreams and think their own thoughts- even if that scares him.
dad, you are an inspiration and a joy to have in my life.
happy fathers day- with all the love in my heart!



  1. I did Indian Princess' with my dad too! I loved it... I was "Rainbow" and he was "Dark Cloud" (which is kinda depressing...)!

  2. that was gorgeous. love that. uncle jon is such a sweet dad!!!

  3. this is a beautiful beautiful post, linds.
    how lucky is it to have an incredible man as a father? i am also so thankful for mine.