summer in austin = perfect pond/grilling weather

i had such a wonderful sunday! i spent the whole day with some of my favorite people. we went to lunch at trudy's and i got a brunch mexican martini (which is just a regular mexican martini that you have way to early in the day). we sat outside for hours and hours even though it was a million billion degrees! we got to see jon's newly completed pond (that he has been slaving over for quite some time). and then we came back to our place and grilled a delicious feast of dinner!

first let me show you the pond!
the turtle is named shell turtlestein. has a turtle ever had a better name??
jon's pond is like his new baby so he spends a lot of hours giving it food and water and taking care of his little pond dwelling pets.
and they have sunflowers in the backyard now!
sunflowers make you feel like summer is really here.
johnny shut the window on me.
there is turtlestein with the lilly pads. a few have grown flowers and they are pretty.
jon requested i photograph the mating dragonflies.
it turned out neat because you can see their big eyes.
here is scrappy! he wanted to play fetch forever. this is him wishing i would throw the football and not photograph him.
and there's another close up of mr. turtlestein.
backyard photos
it was so hot outside and coming back in felt really nice.
i feel like you can see the temperature in the photos.
i really like jon and haley's red tea pot.
back to lindsey, toby, and andrew's house!
this is my blue watering can. you have probably seen it before.
i just really like it's colors.
this is our sad grill.
he has been with us since the beginning of time.
i have photos of andrew and craig and i grilling on this guy before the house was even furnished. sadly, yesterday might have been his last day with us.
we tried to move him a bit and his head fell off.
we balanced him against the wall of the house (dangerous?) and two bricks (dangerous?).
and his lid won't stay shut either. it was tricky getting anything cooked evenly.
this is how i pictured my sad little grill in my mind.
like a muppet grill.

what collection of photos are complete without a little toby!?
theres my little guy in his tank top (still) waiting for the grill to break so he could snatch up the hot contents. don't worry, that never happened, but he did eat half a bag of corn chips that andrew left out. woof, toby.
and thats me in the knob. i got a new knob actually. isn't it nice? the old one quit doing its job.
and so concludes my sunday activities! i have other things to tell you about but i'm out of time for blogging today. see you next time!


  1. ok, pics are amazing. amazing. and loved the harmon ones! and the fried pickles!! looked amazing and i want to eat some right now. love you. youre gorgeous. life 70.

  2. You're pics are REALLY good Lindsey! LOVE your blog!