shy bats and a night on the town

last week i got to go out with my dearest friend james and help him show off austin to his californian cousin. she was a delight to meet and we ended up having a really wonderful day/evening! we started it off right with a dip at barton springs and then a mexican martini at trudy's. shortly after, we went to the south congress bridge to watch the bats. i have never stood on the bridge to watch the bats, but i have heard many tales of them not coming out. apparently they like super hot and dry weather. though this night was super hot it was in no way dry... and i'm sad to say the bats never showed up. but we did see some lovely sights!

here is the view of downtown right as it starts to get dark.
and that really tall building is the austonian where andrew works! i can't believe he gets to see austin from that vantage point every day. its so beautiful.
and here are my friends (new friend on the left, old friend on the right).
this lady walked down the road with a lot of balloons. i was happy about this until she let them all go free into the air. then i was sad and gave a small debbie downer speech about balloons killing animals.
then that huge group of bikers came by (they call themselves something but i'm not sure what). this cheerful bro on the street gave some passing high fives.
post the bat bridge, we walked a few blocks over to the elephant room.
if you enjoy jazz and if you enjoy austin, the elephant room is for you!
it has live music every night and a fun basementy-dark atmosphere. and booze.
then we walked to sixth street. just to look though. on a tuesday there isn't much drunkenness to be seen, and all the bars are frighteningly empty.
then we walked to the capital! yeah i know, it was a long walk. but a nice walk! and a slightly sweaty walk. (because of that humidity that the bats were afraid of)
we topped off the night with a shot of patron and a nice chat in a congress street bar. i love getting to be a tourist at home and i love meeting new and delightful people! thanks guys for my weeknight out on the town!

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