four years together

for anyone that doesn't know, i have a seriously wonderful man in my life. whether i'm laughing with him or at him, he always keeps a smile on my face. he has been at my side for some incredible parts of my life- we have gotten to see the world together and he has held my hand through so many of my life's obstacle courses. i am proud of his triumphs intellectually, emotionally, and physically, and he is my favorite person to have at my side. this week our relationship reached the official 4 year mark and we got to celebrate by going on a special date night that andrew arranged.

he made a reservation for us at la condesa. it is a new mexican place downtown.
keep in mind that nothing in austin is particularly fancy, but by our standards, it is one of the nicer restaurants. they are famous for delicious and very different food and some really fantastic cocktails.
i got the watermelon one. it was to die for. i love watermelon and i love cocktails. this drink was heaven. it had watermelon juice, st. germain, vodka, and some other secret ingredient.
we hadn't eaten much that day and got a little carried away with the guacamole consumption. it disappeared fast, and i got very full. don't worry though... i didn't let it stop me from eating dinner!
here is my watermelon martini!
so pretty.
there is the eaten guacamole in the background.
in the front my second drink. a classic margarita! i love this kind of margarita because it is much less sweet than the usual. this one did not disappoint.
here is our little flower on the table!
after dinner we weren't quite ready to end our evening so we walked a few blocks over to halcyon. it is a little cafe/coffee shop/bar. i had a makers on the rocks and andrew sampled the sambuca.
it was such a nice evening. i love my boy so much and he worked in this special
date night amidst an enormous amount of work. thank you andrew!
i love you more than anything!!

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  1. you both look so fantastic!! just gorgeous with your dark hair. and i am so happy for yall. you are both a blessing to me and so many others. love yall so much.