a dallas restaurant you can't miss

i should have told you all about this restaurant weeks ago, but i forgot. my parents live in dallas. a few weeks ago i went in town to do a few things, and one was go have a nice dinner with my momma. she took me to a new place that she fell in love with a short while back. the place is called bolsa. it is located in oak cliff- in the bishop arts district. if you live in dallas, or ever travel there, please try this place!!
for starters it is a converted auto shop. the old brick and exposed ceilings give it a rusty old feel, but the garage doors that open onto the patio make it remarkably unique and cute. they have a full bar (plus for me) and all the food is brought from local, organic farms (double plus for me). our waiter was beyond charming and totally helped me select a gluten free item from the menu. my first pick was a roasted chicken, but the farm that supplies their chickens didn't have very many to give them that week, so they were out. this actually made me really happy. i would rather have no chicken than one that has been tortured and stuffed full of chemicals and hormones. hurray for tiny and natural chickens! (rant over)
but anywho, i ended up with two quail and some potatoes that made me die of happiness. i forget what linda ordered, but it was something unique that i had never seen on a menu. and finally there was dessert. i'm not even going to describe it because i will not do it justice. simply- it was incredible.

so go try bolsa!
here is linda and i after dinner. photo courtesy of mr. waiter.

on another note i am desperately missing my mother and sister. they are in africa (kenya) for two weeks! i am quickly realizing that even though we live in totally different cities, their phone numbers are the first ones i call when i have a funny story to tell, or a sad thing to cry about. no one makes me laugh harder than my little sis. and no one gets me the way my mother does. in short- i want them to come home. i'll say more on the africa subject in the days to come.

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