welcome back to texas

we're back! andrew and i just returned from our trip around the world and oh how wonderful it was! unfortunately a volcano cut the trip quite short and i should be eating fish and chips and exploring england right now. i should also be getting ready to go see the joanna newsom concert in london. it is really sad that i'm not getting to do this, and i hate that we are missing what will probably be a life changing musical experience. however, there are hundreds of people in the world that missed way more important life events due to the volcano. we could have been stuck in a way worse situation, and getting home safely and quickly is a wonderful thing. we got to see hawaii, hong kong, and lots of india. everything we saw was life changing and awe inspiring! if you haven't but want to see the trip blogs, go to my other blog and check em out. beyond that- i'm back to toby the dog blog!
when you are far away from home, you realize the things you love about it. last year we had a terrible drought in austin and spring and summer were pretty miserable. this year, however, they are already off to a perfect start! we came home to wildflowers everywhere and the greenest grass and trees i have ever seen in texas. andrew and i have been taking advantage of the weather as much as possible. bike rides are way more frequent when its so nice out. on this day (right after we got back) we had a fresh veggie lunch. we chopped up tomatoes, carrots, asparagus, and turnips and had a picnic! i had to show you this photo, because the colors were so pretty.
turns out toby loves carrots too!
it was such a magical day, a little butterfly came and landed right on andrew. and this made me happy.
i hope wherever you are is as beautiful as it is here! it makes missing europe less sad if we get to come home to such a beautiful place with such wonderful friends. see yall soon!

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