oh my love, oh it was a funny little thing

is this blog just really sad? do people read it an think "wow this is creepy" instead of "oh how cute" ??? i hope not. for all you "wow this is creepy" folk- i just love my pup and my friends pups. everyone loves puppy photos. johnny was just telling me yesterday that dogs advertise better than famous people. (ex. the dog with the toilet paper being the only memorable toilet paper ad) (except perhaps for the really weird/kind of gross one where the bears get toilet paper stuck to their asses) anyway, don't judge me. so........

toby is a dog of very many friends. i thought today would be a nice day to introduce you to all of toby's friends and relatives. this is his cousin bailey. she is truly toby's best friend. though this photo appears angry- it is only play. bailey belongs to heather (my favorite sister) making her dog toby's cousin. copper also lives in the house with bailey but he has gotten too old to be cute in photos. he is toby's literal brother. (possibly half brother)
here you can see how very cute bailey really is. she is all white and when she plays too much she turns gray. she is the only dog that looks cute when she's dirty. she also has no fear of cameras, making her an excellent dog portrait candidate. she enjoys cuddling with heather, playing with toby, and disappearing in the occasional snow storm. (more on that to come)
next is carraway! she is the pup of my dear friend melissa (of southernvogue blog). we used to consider carraway toby's neighbor friend, but she has recently moved away- making toby and i quite sad. she gets her name from the great gatsby by f. scott fitzgerald. she is very camera shy and this is literally the only photo i have ever gotten her to look at. ever.
so our austin friends jon and haley currently have three dogs. i am impressed with their ability to keep up with three large dogs. this one is scrappy! he is a quirky dog that enjoys long walks involving frisbees and sticks.
this is ozzie. the second dog of the jon and haley household. there has been some discrepancy between the different ways to spell ozzie's name. jon explained to me that johnny (*see leila) has re-named ozzie "ah-z." i suppose this is more suitable for an aspiring dog rapper. he is also fond of the outdoors, but does not appreciate when his spot on the couch is taken.
and finally we have gus. he is the most recent addition to the house and is the size of the rest of the home's residents combined. well maybe not all of them, but he is definitely bigger than haley. he enjoys swimming, running, and having his ears scratched.
here's bailey again! with heatherino (my sister and her mother). she looks like a little lamb.
this is low ryder. she belongs to my cousins patrick and shannon. she lives in dallas but gets to come every year for austin city limits and sometimes toby comes over to play when we are in big d. she is a weenie dog of course! and i have this other great photo of her that i couldn't find so we will have to deal with this one in which shannon is sleeping. ryder really likes her squeaky toys and loves to chase after them in the house. toby loves playing with ryder. i believe their relationship is half cousin?
this is tanq (short for tanqueray). he is toby's adopted brother. he is the sweetest most wonderful dog in the whole world. he lives with my parents now (even though i was the one that got him) because they have a huge yard and lots of pups to play with. he has an eternal battle waging against the evil pool sweep and that man that comes along and tampers with it seems to hold the key of it's weakness. when this photo was taken, dallas had just gotten the most snow in like 60 years. (something rhymes with shmobal shmarming maybe??) but we still really enjoyed the snow day. we had no power and it was as cold outside as it was in, so we just stayed outside a lot.
and as i said before, bailey is a huge fan of the snow! she loves to leap through it even though it gives her snow dreads. here is a good action leap shot.
and she stuck the landing.
back to summer days- here is maverick! he is another one of toby's dallas friends that occasionally gets to come visit austin. this photo was taken when he was a very baby puppy, but he isn't actually a whole lot bigger now. he has a lot of energy and looks fantastic in halloween costumes (usually best for the smallest of dog). his mom is my dear friend danaye.
i thought i would throw in one more toby and bailey pic. they are wearing their tie dye christmas shirts that heather and i made them last thanksgiving break.
kaiser wilhelm! (you have to say it with a german accent) this is the dog of my friends beau and rebecca (recently married). these photos were taken when he was a little tiny puppy but he is still small these days. sometimes he does bad things, but he is so cute that you can't stay very angry about it. here you can see him running as fast as his puppy feet can to the camera.
and sniffing................
and eating a leaf. kaiser used to live in austin with us, but then he moved back to dallas when his parents got married. they are great and i love all three of them.
and last but not least, leila!! leila was adopted by andrew and i a while back, but it turned out she was better suited to live with our favorite friend johnny. this is her as a baby (so cute!).
and here she is today! such a pretty girl! johnny has a giant back yard where she loves to play. she likes to chew sticks and chase frisbees.
here she is back inside after some playing. her eyes are the same as when she was so little.
and here she is again with the stick. toby loves to play with leila but he will never understand how she went from being smaller than him to way bigger.
so those are some of toby's dog friends! oh and there was no order at all to the photos. all dogs are loved equally. i love toby and his friends and i love his friends parents!

have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. This was a fantastic post, most notably the photos, as well as the use of "shmobal shmarming."

    Carraway thanks both you and Toby for including her in Toby's inner circle.

    xx kisses

  2. oh my goodness. For a second, I was thinking, "Who is that cute little dachshund? And where did he come from? And can he be mine?", but then I realized that he is mine, but unforunately, he's not as cute anymore.

    We need to come to Austin, so Toby and Kais can be friends again...not that I'm so sure Toby ever liked Kais in the first place. oh well.

    love you.

  3. freakin love it. love toby... and bailey, and ryder. and really all of them. i need to get acl tickets as i have not bought them this year. do they have a puppy acl? that would be awesome. and i def still have your bda present in my closet...i promise its coming! love you!