licorice makes toby thirsty

so last wednesday i drove to dallas to stay with my sister while my parents went away for their anniversary. they are still gone and heather decided to come with me to austin for the weekend and this spells all kinds of fun that will be blogged about sooner than later. first i must tell of a toby story:
toby loves to be sneaky and find food that people have forgotten to put away. in a house such as mine- with a lot of people coming in and out and a very large number of meals being eaten in the tv room- food frequently gets left for toby to discover and this has occasionally resulted in some disasters. back at home in dallas, for example, i left the pantry door open and toby and his brother copper snuck in and grabbed a bag of treats. if bailey hadn't come and told on them, they probably would have consumed the whole bag. luckily by the time she got me to the kitchen it was only being pried open.
i have to also explain that andrew is a huge lover of black licorice. sometimes i buy him a bag of it just to say i love you, but since i am not at all a lover of black licorice, i just grab a brand at random. before i left town, i left andrew with a giant pot of spaghetti and a bag of licorice (his two favorites). unfortunately i picked a bad batch of licorice though. very little of it was eaten. not only was very little of it eaten, but the very large amount that wasn't eaten was left in the bag on the couch upstairs. we unknowingly left the house and toby jumped on his chance. he insists on eating everything under the ottoman in the living room. it is big and just the right height for him to sit comfortably but us to not see. i frequently find articles of clothing or little toys that have been brought under the ottoman.
once home we quickly realized that something had happened. toby acts weird when he knows he's bad. we found it. the bag of licorice. empty.
i scolded him but there is not much you can do once the damage is done. i left him outside for a while because i just knew he would be sick. but sure enough, my puppy and his steel tummy, made it through the night without sickness! this morning i woke up to toby walking across my chest. he does this a lot because he knows its a good way to get me up and feeding him. finally i agree to get up and i put food in his bowl. then i noticed the most unusual thing.. he wasn't eating it! for those new readers out there- this does not happen. ever. toby loves food (hence the blog) and he always eats his breakfast. always. then i noticed the water bowl was empty. as i refill he starts to do his toby excited dance. this means "you figured it out! thats what i wanted!" i filled the water bowl and it disappeared. i took an iphone photo as fast as i could! this fleeting moment of food ignoring is one i may not ever see again!
i had no idea licorice could make you so thirsty, but it apparently has the power to make toby refuse food. an that is quite a power, my friends.

see you soon- i'll have lots of pictures to show you after the weekend!

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  1. hilarious. he cracks me up! i wanna see pics from this weekend!!