junk food for everyone

as noted in the previous post, toby recently missed a meal for the first time in his dog life. he spent the rest of the day regretting his mistake of tearing into the licorice and rejecting his bowl of food. today i was feeling pretty sorry for the little hungry pup, so i thought i would treat him to a dingo. this is the toby equivalent to a bag of cheetos. if any of you have dogs that eat their food so fast that their treats are gone in the speed of light, this particular type of dingo is the best. it is hard on the outside and tough to get into but on the inside it is soft and puppy delicious. whenever i give one of these to toby he ends up spending much longer on it than a normal treat- which is good. we are trying to learn how to eat at a slower pace! as i also mentioned before, toby loves to eat and collect things under the ottoman in the living room. i found andrew's flip flops, a bra, and three pieces of trash under there just today. so he runs off to the ottoman with the dingo and has to work really really hard to get to the good part. as any mother- i think everything toby does is cute- so i photo-ed him eating his treat.
this is one of his more ferocious faces. "grrrr... i will eat you..."
i have also had a bit of a junk food weekend. i ate lemon sorbet for lunch and tacos for breakfast today. don't worry though- i topped it off right! one of my favorite things to do is find lots of recipes that are similar and craft my own recipe from a bunch of other people's ideas! today i was super-ly craving fried pickles. wow. sounds healthy, right? i have made these before but not since having to cut the beloved gluten out of my diet. anywho, i decided the gluten free pizza crust mix would be the best substitute for wheat flour and i took the pickle plunge. here are the pickles i selected (good because of their thickness and shape) and the flour mix.
this is the directions i wrote down for myself to follow. i am such a note taker. i love note pads and post-its. i love pens. i love making lists. here is my recipe. if you want a complete one- call me!
and here are my pretty little pickles frying in veggie oil. yum. not healthy. but yum.
and finally my finished product! andrew re-cooked some leftover grilled corn from the night before and it was amazing. i also prepared some green chili mashed potatoes. it was southern food at its best in my kitchen tonight. surprisingly, the gluten free pickles turned out amazing! usually you end up thinking "this is pretty good... but with wheat flour it would be amazing!" but this time i didn't! it couldn't have been better. wish you could have joined me in eating them!
after our delicious feast, we went out and got to take a night tour of the austonian
(where andrew works) and it was awesome! we also went and listened to some jazz with good
friends. i will tell you all about that and about heather's weekend in austin tomorrow. for now-
hope you enjoyed the pickles! see you soon!

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